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    Vortex in a Ranch

    Hey folks. I am very likely about to get a Ranch Kettle and I'm seeing a lot of talk about the Vortex. Looks like a versatile piece of equipment. For high heat, indirect cooking it goes in the middle of the grill so the hot air circulates and creates what I've seen described as an air...
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    Hey folks. I haven't used a thermometer, other than my thermopop in a while but I am about to get a Ranch Kettle and was thinking I'd get a new multi-probe thermometer as well. I know of the Thermoworks Smoke but have been seeing a lot of talk about the various Inkbird units lately. Has...
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    Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    I'm considering building some sort of outdoor kitchen type of thing but having a hard time on the creative side of things. I have the 26" kettle and I love it but can't quite figure out how to work it into a plan. I saw a couple here that made a table and set a kettle in it but not sure that...
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    Does anyone experience heartburn from bbq? My wife has always said that she gets heartburn after eating bbq. Actually she used to just say that the smoke taste stayed with her too long but lately she is complaining about heartburn. Fortunately, not just from my bbq but any time she eats it...
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    Grilled Kingfish?

    I have some kingfish as in king mackerel and I dont want to fry it and dont want to smoke it. I have always heard it is only good fried or smoked though. Anyone have experience grilling kingfish? Looking for a good recipe or method to grill it. Thanks
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    First cook on the 26.75" kettle

    So my beautiful wife got me a 26.75" kettle for my birthday. It showed up in the middle of the week so I had to wait until the weekend to break it in. And I had been in the mood for ribs for a while so I grabbed some St. Louis spares and some stuff to make sauce and it was ON!! I obviously...
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    Thermapen alternatives?

    I have been thinking about getting a Thermapen but I really have spent too much money lately so nearly $100 for a thermometer is stressing me out. I have a Maverick but would love to have a quick read thermo for checking smaller meats or when I really dont want to mess with the Maverick. So...
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    Chicken Flippin'

    I have had a kettle for a few years and have used it for certain things but recently, my gas grill developed a terminal burner problem so I have been using the kettle exclusively. I've cooked on it enough to know just how great a grill it is but never really paid attention to specific...
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    Genesis vs. Spirit

    The last Weber gas grill I had was a Silver B or something like that so I'm a little out of the loop as far as new models are concerned. I looked briefly at the grills in the store the other day and noticed the Genesis seems much heavier than I remember my old grill being and the Spirit being...
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    26.75 Fuel Consumption?

    Background first. I have a gasser that is on it's way out and started thinking about what I wanted to do. I had a large WSM that I bought with my neighbor but I let him have it because he started a BBQ business. I have access to it if I need to do a big cook. I got really interested in the...
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    Hello from Florida

    New guy here. I've been a Weber owner for a long time but for some reason never knew this place existed. Seems like a great place though. I had a Silver B gasser for years and gave it away when my in-laws gave me a bigger grill. Then my neighbor and I bought 2 large WSM's and a 22" kettle...