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    Heatermeter Repair Services

    Hi All, Is anyone out there doing regular repair work on HMs? Having given away the previous ones that I assembled, I bought some pre-assembled units that have given me various problems since day 1. I gave up on them early last year and settled for using my PartyQ until I had time to work on...
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    V14 Woes

    I hadn't yet jumped on the V14 train until today and things went pretty badly. I downloaded the latest appropriate stable release from, updated via the UI preserving the config, flashed the AVR, and went off to the races. Everything seemed normal until I wanted to do some...
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    Display Has Gone Haywire

    Hey All, Getting ready the weekend and one of my HM screens has gone bonkers. Any suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting? Thank you
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    Does setting a manual fan speed put HM back into startup mode?

    I was about 3 hours into a cook (setpoint of 225) and I had to put the HM into manual fan mode (setpoint of -100) for a bit. It seems as though when I put in my original setpoint (225) the HM was in startup mode. The reason I suspected this was that the blower was back at a percentage of the...
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    Heatermeter Problems - Thermocouple Seems To Be the Culprit

    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I was doing a normal cook. Thermocouple and one probe in the first jack. About two hours in the thermocouple went berzerk. The temperatures were jumping around like crazy, +/- 200 degrees. To compensate, I put the meat probe that was in jack 1 into jack 2...
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    I let the magic smoke out -- Blower Circuit Dead

    While the main HeaterMeter was doing its thing outside, I was using the secondary inside to test some probes that I felt a bit off. (They were.) Had a nice rolling boil in a pot and a stray dot of water managed to hit the HM. I saw a small plume of smoke leave the HM in that familiar...
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    Thermocouple / Probes with Significant Variances

    Hi All, Just did two test burn-ins with my new "fauxmodo" (credit to Ralph for that) Akorn using one of my HM 4.2.4 with TC support. The TC amp and components were suppplied on-board from Bryan. I used a Auber K-Type TC and 3 x ThermoWorks TX-1001X ChefAlarm Pro Probes. I experienced...
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    Pit Meter App No Longer Able to Change Settings

    So, after getting my two new HM builds fully functional, I have noticed that Pit Meter will no longer change any of the settings or silence the alarms. It will also look at the current graph, but does not show archives nor does it allow to save a new one. Anybody else having this issue?
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    Heatermeter 4 Case for Sale: Slightly Damp

    I am a royal doofus and left the HM out all night. Surprise thunderstorm hit and wasted it. It wasn't "supposed" to rain until this afternoon. The board itself has some weird scummy film all over it and the RPi seems to be toast. Also lost an original WRT54g V2, but there are a few more where...
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    Auto-save not working?

    I'm not sure if this goes hand in hand with my past history of the HM losing my stored archives, but today I had to reboot the machine once re-associating it with my home network. I had taken it on the road for a bit and hooked it up to a couple of different access points and had to get things...
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    Parts Differential between HM 4.0 and 4.2.4

    Might there be a handy-dandy spreadsheet-like readout of the difference in the parts betwixt the two? I have the boards and parts for two 4.0 setups that unfortunately never got assembled. (Sorry Joel!) I am looking to add a 4.2.4 to my arsenal but don't want to buy anything unnecessarily.
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    Webpage not updating

    A very weird thing is happening. My iPad ran out of juice, so I switched to my laptop to keep an eye on the HM. The webpage is not updating, it loads once and just sits there. This is a mac and I am running Firefox. I've tried Safari with the same results as well as Chrome. I have disabled...
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    Heatermeter and Heartbleed (SSL)

    I haven't had a chance to fire up my box since the Heartbleed bug has been announced. Do we have anything to worry about?
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    Manual mode from GUI or terminal?

    I'm still missing my button and was wondering if there is a way to put the HM into manual mode from the GUI or command line. I didn't find anything in the wiki. Just getting around to fiddling with my servo controlled damper and although I have found a workaround to setting trims, manual mode...
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    Linkmeter V10 Checksum Errors

    Updated to LMV10 today and have noticed checksum errors in the config page's Heatermeter information box. Anything to be overly concerned about?
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    PID Tuning

    Recently Bryan had a post in some thread which really got specific regarding PID tuning and the effects of the parameters. I thought that I had bookmarked the post, but apparently did not. Anyone know which one it is?
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

    Last weekend I had a great gathering of folks over. Some butts and ribs were in the smoker and temps had been holding (moderately) well all day. About an hour before things were to be pulled out, a friend who had imbibed a few too many microbrews stumbled through the pit area and managed to...
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    Help! No fan.

    Sorry to be a bother, but I updated to version 8 before kicking off this morning, and aside from some unusual probe reactions, nothing terribly out of the ordinary EXCEPT that the fan never runs. Even when bringing up to temp, the fan speed indicator never showed that it was running. I switched...
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    Default PID Settings

    I apologize if this is listed somewhere, I have checked the wiki and done a couple of forum searches. What are the default PID settings? When I was playing with them on my first trial run, I was a couple of beers in and didn't write them down before I started fiddling. thanks!
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    New Kid on the Block: HM #80 and its new charge.

    Many years later, I have finally achieved the goal. First run tomorrow.