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    Third Smoke Day of the Weekend

    Today was the third and final 'smoke' for me this weekend. So I spatchcocked a chicken and smoked it on the WSM. To plate it we added some rice. Desert was some leftover cherry pie and home made ice cream from yesterday. It has been a fun three days smoking and sharing the results with all of you.
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    Second Smoke of the Weekend

    For day 2 of my extended Smoke Day/Weekend I fired up the 18 in WSM and laid a nice rack of St Louis style ribs. Part way through I placed a pot of beans on the lower rack to b are while catching the drippings from the ribs. While these were smoking I got out the old manual crank ice cream...
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    First smokes of the weekend

    Smokin and grillin are my way of chillin so I celebrate Smoke Day the entire weekend. I started Saturday with a Hashbrown Omelette and then later in the afternoon it was a smoked, bacon wrapped, mexican meatloaf. And of course there were a few ABTs
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    Smoking in Des Moines

    For Smoke Day this year we had one of our daughters, and her family, over to help us devour a Pork Loin, with all the sides, and homemade ice cream now that you saw the end results I will show you how I got there Granddaughters worked hard when we told them that the amount of ice cream they...
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    Ham on the Rotisserie in the Snow

    I couldn’t let a little snow stop me from preparing a ham on the rotisserie for Sunday dinner
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    A late Christmas Dinner

    We waited until today for our annual Prime Rib Christmas dinner. I let the rib roast age in the refrigerator for 6 days. I used a simple SP&G rub. Also cut slots in the roast for slivers of garlic. Everyone enjoyed and sat back stuffed
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    Thanksgiving part 2

    After having Cornish Hens on Thursday for my wife and myself we had a turkey on Saturday with our daughter and her family, plus my sister.
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    Cornish Hens for Thanksgiving

    Since it was going to be just the two of us we decided to have something a little different. Cornish Hens fit the niche and filled our stomachs. Two hours at 230-250 with pecan wood did the trick
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    Monday night meal

    We decided to grill a bone in pork chop for supper and finish it with some cherry jalapeño jelly. Also had some left over Mac and cheese so I put it in a skillet and threw a few tator tots on top. Added an ear of sweet corn and we had a feast.
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    One Last Smoke Day Smoke

    I did Smoke Day as if it was a weekend. Salmon on Saturday and now ribes
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    Smoke Day supper

    Smoke Day wouldn't be complete without supper. Onion bombs and a lemon dessert. A nice way to follow up the smoked salmon from earlier.
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    Starting Smoke Day with Salmon

    Since we are home for Smoke Day this year, instead of visiting our daughter, I thought I would get in the spirit by smoking some salmon. We had one section on crackers as soon as it was finished. Just a simple Salmon Rub from High Mountain Seasonings.
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    Buying a Vortex

    I am getting ready to buy a medium size vortex for my performer. When I go to Amazon I see that there are numerous sources and the reviews for many of them indicate that it is a cheap Chinese knockoff. Do any of you have a suggestion as to how I can assure that I get a good product? Maybe a...
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    Beef Chuck

    I am going to smoke a beef chuck roast tomorrow and would appreciate some tips. I have experience smoking ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, turkey, and chicken but never a chuck roast. I plan to pull it for sandwiches and am looking for ideas on prep, rub, etc. Mike
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    Listing of Webber Grills

    Is there a listing that shows all of the various Weber grills that have been offered over the years?
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    BBQ Log

    I am just starting to get serious on smoking and grilling. I know that keeping notes is a good idea and wondered if any of you have a good Log Form that you use and would not mind sharing. Mike