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    Q1200 In Coming

    Enjoy while reassuring her that the purpose of the Q is to enhance her total "game experience"
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    Hatch Chiles 2022

    Got some here in central Iowa. Roasted some and stuffed two with a sausage and cream cheese mix. My wife would agree that they were a medium+ on the heat scale.
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    Price of Beef

    We have become friends with a butcher at our local chain grocery store. One day I was talking with him about taking our hand picked steaks home and letting them age in our refrigerator several days before grilling them. He smiled and said that since we understand the importance of a little dis...
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    Chuletas Kankan

    I love the new ways of grilling that I learn on this site. Thanks for a great posting
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    Break from grilling…. Biscotti

    Now that my coffee is almost gone I see this post. I may have to back up and start the day over.
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    Chuck roast and beef belly.

    Looks like a great one two punch
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    Snake River Farms Tri-Tip

    When the taste exceeds expectations you remember that sensation way longer than you do the price.
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    Hay from Iowa

    Welcome Mike. I look forward to seeing some of your grilling adventures. I am another Mike who lives in Iowa and loves to grill and smoke year round.
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    Jerk Hasselback Chicken Breast

    I hadn't thought about doing chicken that way. Brilliant !!!! I will have to try it
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    Top Sirloin

    The last thing I use to evaluate a steak is the taste. So as long as it tasted great you hit a home run.
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    Last Week’s Pork Chop and Chicken Drumsticks

    Got to love it when a meal comes together that nice and tastee
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    Pizza- attempt #3

    Once again you did a fine job of showing that pizza on the grill is GREAT
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    For something a little different... gator and chicken

    Very cute pics, and I bet the taste was great
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    Loving summer cooking!

    So many wonderful choices leaves me confused as to which to try first
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    Running with the old green war horse tonight

    I like the idea of roasting a whole chicken in a cast iron skillet on the grill. Will have to give it a try
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    Hot weather brisket

    Great work and an inspiration for upcoming smokes
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    Today’s cook

    Nice looking plate of food.
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    Salmon cookies

    A great looking 1-2-3 punch
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    Yesterday's Dinner at Dad's

    When I grill I pay attention to the grill to avoid burni g the food and when I drive I pay attention to the road to avoid crashes!! Burnt meat and busted up up vehicles are generally caused by the same lack of attention. But enough of my soap box ranting, nice looking chicken. The older Genesis...