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  1. Chris Allingham

    Any old Timers still around?

    Where has the time gone? :confused:
  2. Chris Allingham

    Mystery Part: Can you identify it?

    Not if you have the manual! :)
  3. Chris Allingham

    Newbie Need Some Advice for Cooking a Pork Shoulder

    I would point you to my pork butt articles: They include examples of different methods including water, no water, direct cooking, etc. It’s hard to screw up pork butt…cook at 275 with or without water and you’ll be fine!
  4. Chris Allingham

    22.5 WSM & Grill Lid Interchangeability ?

    Heat shield to protect surfaces below the cooker.
  5. Chris Allingham

    22.5 WSM & Grill Lid Interchangeability ?

    The only thing is that the WSM lid fits inside the rim of the middle cooking section, while the kettle lid will overlap the middle cooking section. The result is that some condensation may drip out of the lid and down the outside of the cooker.
  6. Chris Allingham

    2022 Weber Price List

    It seems that all Weber retailers advertise and sell at the higher MSRP price during non-clearance times. That's the price you will consistently see at Lowe's, The Home Depot, Amazon, etc. Retailers will sell below the MAP price to clear out end-of-season inventory, discontinued models, etc...
  7. Chris Allingham

    2022 Weber Price List

    2022 Weber MAP Price Schedule effective 11/15/21 2022 Weber MAP Price Schedule effective 4/1/22 Here's the 2022 Weber MAP Price List effective November 15, 2021 and a revised price schedule with price increases effective April 1, 2022. MAP stands for "minimum advertised price". Best, Chris
  8. Chris Allingham

    Has Weber outsourced its customer support?

    I think Zendesk is just the customer management software, not the support agents. Yes, that seems clear from your attachments. :)
  9. Chris Allingham

    WSM Roast

    You can do eye of round to lower internal temp for sliced roast beef, or to higher internal temp for shredding. It is lean and may dry out a bit, but you can rehydrate with cooking juices or thin BBQ sauce. Please post pics of your finished product!
  10. Chris Allingham

    ThermoWorks Warehouse Sale: Up to 60% off on select items Take advantage of extra inventory and stretch your dollar further! Save up to 60% off select items. 25% Off Classic Thermapen® … $20.75 30% Off Smoke™ (select colors)... save $29.70 40% Off Smoke...
  11. Chris Allingham

    The Humor Thread

    Yeah, you guys are a bad influence on me.
  12. Chris Allingham

    I belong in the Humor Thread.

    Been having trouble finding it in some stores. Good stuff.
  13. Chris Allingham

    The Humor Thread

    I'm not a Tesla fanboy or owner, but the only thing it says to me is that Tesla does not (yet) make a truck or van. The day they do, out with the Fords. Tesla is using some Model S and Model X as service vehicles, but hard to get large parts into those passenger cars, thus the need for vans.
  14. Chris Allingham

    Wanted: WSM 14.5 Middle Cooking Section

    In my experience, the middle section is not a part you'll find at third-party parts sellers. You'll have to buy a used smoker or purchase a new part from Weber at 800-446-1071 for a pretty penny.
  15. Chris Allingham

    The Humor Thread

    Yes...where's the humor in pick'em up trucks? Someone needs to call a tow truck to pull this thread out of the ditch and back onto the road.
  16. Chris Allingham

    Any old Timers still around?

    Your user status is based on your post count. The more you post, the higher your status! New Member: 0 TVWBB Member: 30 TVWBB Fan: 100 TVWBB Super Fan: 250 <-- You with 353 posts TVWBB Pro: 500 TVWBB All-Star: 1000 TVWBB Wizard: 1500 TVWBB Guru: 2000 TVWBB Gold Member: 2500 TVWBB Emerald...
  17. Chris Allingham

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    I typically use water for low & slow, no water for hot & fast.
  18. Chris Allingham

    Smoking with Wood (No Charcoal)
  19. Chris Allingham

    Traveler in Colors for 2023 model year

    Someone on Facebook says one of the colors will be Deep Ocean Blue. Great color at the beach or lake!
  20. Chris Allingham

    Traveler in Colors for 2023 model year

    I have it on good authority that the Weber Traveler portable gas grill will be available in colors for 2023. I do not know which colors or how many colors. What color would you like in a Traveler?