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    Where to purchase Weber Summit Kamado?

    Ready to pull the trigger and purchase the Weber Summit Kamado. Pricing looks standard everywhere. Anyone know of a source that would be beneficial in any way? Bonus bucks, free goodies, etc? This is a significant outlay for me so I want to maximize my purchases…
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    Help with my 22” fire breathing dragon

    Got an 18.5 more than a decade ago. Used it a lot, mostly overnight 12-14 hour butts and 4-5 hour daytime rib/sausage smokes. It was super dependable and always stable. Sold it recently and got someone else hooked. I bought a 22” and my first two smokes have been troublesome. I used the...
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    Pro-Q stacker at Stifflers Surplus Old news I know, but just picked one up for $33 plus $25 shipping. I got some birthday money, and have toyed with the idea for a long time. I've never seen a WSM locally on...
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    Smoke wood source?

    I can find hickory, mesquite and cherry locally in chunks, but I am looking for alder, white oak, and anything else appropriate I can try. What is everyones favorite mail order source(s)? What price range is appropriate? I live in Bradenton FL, and wondered if any of the oak species in the...
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    Combo brisket/pulled pork overnight?

    Is it advisable to smoke a brisket on one level and a couple boston butts on another? I often throw a fattie or a couple chickens in with my pork butts for the hour or two they need, but the overnight times for the brisket/butt are nearly the same. If so, which would you put on top, and can you...
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    Has ANYONE received a redesigned 18" grate???

    I was told by Weber customer service yesterday (a manager) that the charcoal grate for the 18" WSM had NOT been redesigned for 2009. I thought some of us got the new grate and others had not. If you got a 2009 with the redesigned charcoal grate please chime up, and I would love to have a photo...
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    Weber service great, but a parts problem...

    Called Weber today regarding my grill. They are sending me a new charcoal grate (the redesigned model), the missing grill strap, and a replacement bottom bowl. I had a good bit of wobble, and narrowed it to the bottom. Everything else sat flat on a level surface, but the bottom was off a good...
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    Is this the redesigned charcoal grate or the "classic" ?

    link to pic of grate This is the charcoal grate shipped to me with my new 18" WSM this week. I thought they closed up the outside gaps. Did I get sent an old style grate?
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    Finally got my WSM, but problems...

    Amazon finally deiivered my first WSM, a new 18" 'er. Got it thursday and opened it today to assemble. A couple issues and questions. This is the charcoal grate I received. It appears to be the older design, not the stated improved design. Can you confirm this? link to grate photo I...
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    Amazon is a pain in the a**

    I missed the boat on the $199 classic. I somehow ended up with exactly $300 in Amazon gift certificates, and am SO looking forward to the new improved wsm after a literal 4 year wait. Now Amazon is not currently offering the free shipping direct from them. The link here is to a third party with...
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    "classic" extinct? Pricing on new 18"

    It seems everyone is out of the 2820 or classic WSM. From current pricing at places like Ron's, I can only hope Amazon lowers their price on the 18" after the holidays. I've been saving a couple years for the 18" and was set to pull the trigger when I noticed Amazon quit advertising the 18"...
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    Amazon out of old style WSM?

    My christmas present is going to be a WSM, finally! I want to purchase it through the links here at the site, but they link me to a page offering one for $249 plus $35 shipping from a hardware store and not directly from Amaazon????
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    One Touch Platinum to Performer?

    I have a one youch platinum from a few years back. I don't need it the charcoal bin, but would it be possible to purchase the parts to add the gas ignition to my grill?