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    Memorial Day

    A special day for many Americans, me included. Just wanted to wish all my friends and especially those who have served along with the reason for the day, those who gave all wishes for a great day and fond remembrances.
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    Quicky Chix and Wocy Sides

    Dressed the thighs with a combo of spices I put together and left to sit in fridge for an hour or so Put together some shrooms, Bok Choy, Snap Peas for the Wok, made a sauce to cook them in. Soy, Sesame Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Szechuan Chili Spices, Rice vinegar and Sake Seared the Chix...
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    Heavy Rain Sous Vide

    Picked up a beautiful boneless rib roast at Costco the other day and cut it into nice steaks, meant to do them on the Weber but it has been raining sideways with T storms all day. So Sous Vide it was See ya in a few hours Out of the bag, dried off, EVOO and Kosher and fresh ground on...
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    Ancient Grains and an Ode to Jac

    So today I made small Boules to use for a soup. I am taking my bread baking in another direction the past few weeks. Using what are called Ancient Grains. These are grains that are the original grains used by man since the dawn of time and remain unchanged by him. They are much healthier to eat...
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    Willysito's Burrito's

    Been busy cooking and baking and realized I have not posted anything for awhile. Well here is tonights cook. Inside Skirt, penetrated hundreds of times and coated with Chef Merito and on the counter for half an hour for it to absorb. Found this made a huge difference in flavor instead of just...
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    Some of it's Magic some of it Tragic

    Been a crazy few months for us here and like the song say's some of it tragic. I have not had a lot of time to be involved with our community, I apologize for that. Lost one of my best friends after a strong fight to cancer and after dealing with that cooking seemed to back burner stuff. So...
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    Bread, Birds, Aged Steak and a very Happy Man

    Been a good week here, let me explain. My five month old Pudle Pointer Eli after daily training took to the fields yesterday for the first time having a 20 Gauge Shotgun fired over him ( always blank pistols till today) Five Chukar Partridges in the grounds planted earlier in the day. All five...
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    Hello My Friends

    Well, the past couple of months have been a whirlwind for me and though I have done some nice cooks I have not had much opportunity to photo them and post. Just got back from two weeks in Spain and Portugal with the CEO and our travel companions. Missed you guys and decided to post up tonights...
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    Apple, what is happening to you?

    So I have been without my Mac Book Pro for four days now, according to the techs at the store either the mother board or the logic board just crapped out. No moisture, no abuse of any kind, no drop, nothing. One morning just would not turn on. Less than two years old. My BIL has his Mac that is...
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    Celebrating the Hunter & The Turning the Page Cook

    So, as some of you know I ran a Brace of Brittanies the past thirteen years hunting Feather & Fowl of the World with great success. Two years ago at age 14 had to put the oldest to sleep due to illness and suffering. Well as the life of Man and his partners always comes to a close, last week I...
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    Have My Barbecue Shoes On

    An ode to some of my favorite characters the BBQ Pit Boys. Their recipe for Whiskey Glazed Ham. 1/4 Cup good Whiskey, 1/4 cup Soy, 1/4 cup Brown Sugar, 1/4 cup Molasses, one Jalapeno diced up, half a jar of Orange Marmalade, 1/4 cup of the juice from the sliced pineapple. Simmer till thickened...
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    Chicken Yakatori & Tartine Bread

    Have # 1 & 2 home for the weekend and decided to make a favorite for all of us. Started with Tartine Bread which made the house smell like home for the kids. Did my many times posted Yakatori recipe, won't bore you with the details. On the OTG with skinless thighs and basted with the sauce...
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    Chix and Shrooms

    So got me some Bone Sucking Sauce and a Tbsp of Sriracha and marinated Wings and Thighs Broccoli dressed in EVOO, Champagne Vinegar, Kosher and fresh ground. Going in the Bamboo Steamer Basket Chix basted with the sauce twice during the cook and just about done Shrooms on the grill...
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    Egg McWillysito

    Just to prod Bob into one of his creations again. The Carnitas and fixins from last night done for Brunch today
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    Mexican Carnitas

    Past few weeks been crazy with family stuff, work and travel and have not had time to post or do much cooking. I apologize for all the great cooks I know I missed. Anyhow, decided to make traditional Carnitas and this is how it went. Four pounds pork shoulder cubed, one and a half pounds of pork...
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    Surf & Turf Part Deux

    Variations on a theme tonight, it does not look like much now but give me a few minutes :) Choice Tenderloin and Little Neck Clams from Sandy Hook NJ. Meat done all around with Kosher and fresh ground. Sweet Corn roasting along with Sweet Potatoes, corn done Tenderloins seared all around...
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    A Unique Surf & Turf

    Saw a recipe I thought would be good In Coastal Living magazine and modified it slightly for Gin Infused Arctic Char. I used Atlantic Salmon. You guys should try this as it is fabulous. 1/2 cup fresh Dill, 1/3 cup each of brown and white sugar and Kosher.1/4 cup of a good Gin. 1 Tbsp Juniper...
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    Aqui Vive un Panadero

    It is a great weekend at my house, #4 just returned from a semester abroad in Spain where she did superb. She brought something home for her Dad, a tile made in Seville ( Here lives a Baker ), so in her honor I lived up to her gift and made her some Tartine Bread and a nice dinner. She wanted a...
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    " I love the smell of Scotch Bonnet's in the morning" WJS Boneless Skinless Thighs trimmed and in Walkerswood all day in the fridge Their ready On indirect at 375 On the table with Red Beans and Rice and a green salad The plate Started last week, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup and...
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    Boneless Chuck Short Ribs

    One of our favorites, especially when we buy the Chuck version at $ 2.91 per Lbs. This is what I did Trimmed a little and rubbed with Penzey's English Prime Rib Rub On the WSM at 250-275 for almost two hours over Lump and some Apple Wood Did a Mirapoix with the addition of two Serrano's...