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    Wings for a comp

    Hello all, curious if any of you have done wings in a comp. Doing the Hartford Rib off, first day we turn in Steak and wings. Trying to figure out what the judges are looking for. Thank you in advance for your input.
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    Wings on a 22.5

    How many wings can be done on a 22.5? I thought there was a post on capacity somewhere, maybe I'm mistaken. Thanks in advance!
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    Thank you...

    Hello All, I have not been on here much lately but I wanted to thank Chris Allingham and all the folks who are members here. I have been part of the Family here since 2010. I check out other forums and pages now and then and I find it disheartening to see all the so called experts that trash...
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    Dog Star rescue fundraiser 30 butts!

    Hello friends. While this smoke was not done on a Weber I wanted to share. Mostly because I my learned my craft here and am grateful I have this incredible site as a resource. I am a founding member of Dog Star rescue in Connecticut. Of course I am in charge of feeding the masses for our...
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    Christmas gift ideas for a BBQ freak?

    Hello folks; I am looking for ideas, been getting asked what I want for Christmas, kinda tough, I may or may not already have what I need but always looking to for ideas to make my WSM family complete. Thanks, Eric
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    Dog Star rescue fundraiser

    I am proud to be a founding member of Dog Star rescue here in Connecticut, Saturday we had our biggest fundraiser Bark N Brew. Because of my love of BBQ and the fact I grew up in the restaurant biz I was in charge of food. We were planning on a crowd of 250 but I did extra just in case which was...
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    Dog Star rescue fundraiser = BBQ and beer

    As some of you may know I have 2 passions in life, BBQ and dogs. I am proud to say I am a founding member of Dog Star rescue in Connecticut and October 10th we will have our 2nd annual Bark n Brew fundraiser at Hooker brewing in Bloomfield, CT from 6-9. $30 in advance, $35 at the door. We will...
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    Pulled pork sandwiches, slaw on top or bottom?

    Just curious how you folks do it. I am not sure if I decided slaw on the bottom just because I wanted the pork to shine but that's how I've always done it. So tell me, how do you folks do it. Thanks, Eric
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    First KCBS comp

    First KCBS comp this weekend at Bear's smokehouse New England BBQ Championships. Wow, what an experience. Bill & Shaune Gillespie from Smokin Hoggz were my neighbors, got to meet them and chat a bit, very nice folks and were extremely engaging. Bill even gave me a copy of his new book. Also got...
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    So I have been looking to buy a cleaver but this week I was cleaning out the barn for my Father, ( he usd to be a Chef and grew up in the restaurant biz) and stumbled upon this A Foster Bros 2190 cleaver. Still figuring what to do to clean it but it is pretty damn sharp, no dents or nicks on the...
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    First Comp win

    I have been doing a local competition for charity the last few years, this year we finally broke thru. 1 st in ribs and brisket, 2nd in chicken. I just wanted to thank Chris for running this site and all the folks here who share recipes and techniques and just help out in general. I have give...
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    Temp control tips for 14.5

    I am looking for any advice for temp control on the 14.5. I have done 1 smoke and really had trouble with temp spiking and control overall. I am dialed in on my 18.5 and 22.5. I loaded the ring with lump and used briqs to ignite. I was doing chicken thighs and was afraid I could not bring it up...
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    WOO HOO, WSM Family is complete

    I've had the 18 for a few years now, got the 22 last year, just picked up my 14. Now no more borrowing my buddies smoker for comps. Ribs on the 22, brisket on the 18 and chicken thighs on the 14. Can't wait to fire it up.
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    WSM 22.5 water pan

    I may be biting the bullet and getting a 22.5. The first thing I did with my 18 was get a brinkman pan. Is the pan in the 22.5 too deep? Have any of you switched out the pan in the 22.5 and with what? Thanks, Eric
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    Chimney Tenderloin

    So I wanted to mix things up, I do a lot of Porterhouse and Rib eyes so I got a prime tenderloin from The Meat house. Figured if I am changing it up I would really change it up by cooking it with my chimney. I put a CI grate on top of the charcoal grate on my Performer. Went about 90 seconds per...
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    Swift Premium St. Louis style ribs ?

    So we have all seen over the past little bit that less and less stores sell full slabs of spares. They trim them and you have to buy rib tips separately. I have avoided buying these pretimmed ribs until today, I wasn't able to make it in time to my go to supplier. Promised my Mom ribs for her...
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    Wolfe/Nemo Pepper stout beef

    Things are finally getting back to normal here, I always grill or smoke something special when we have a big storm. This is one smoke I will never forget, not only because of the end result but for the blizzard. I pretty much followed the recipe except for only 1 jalapeno, used red and green...
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    New Thermapen? 17 lbs of Porterhouse

    What better way to try out my new Thermapen than by grilling 6 behemoth Porterhouse steaks, need both Performers for these bad boys.
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    First try at beef back ribs

    So I finally got around to trying beef back ribs. Had a hard time finding them, finally found them at Restaurant Depot. Next time I am going to order some from a local butcher, they were on the wimpy size, all that work and not enough meat. I was happy with the end result just the cut I got was...
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    Beef ribs

    Just curious if any of you have a tried and true technique for beef ribs. I have found a few rubs I am thinking of trying but by all means if you'd like to share that as well I am open for suggestions. I have not spent much time researching this here yet but I'd like to try them on the 4th. So I...