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    Anyone tried Maverick ET-737 Wireless Bluetooth Therm?

    I love overnight smokes, so I may have to invest in one. Might make catching some ZZZs a little easier. How do you usually set it up?
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    Where do you get your meat?

    I'm also in the Walmart crew right now. There are a few local butchers here in the Richmond, VA area, but I just haven't had the opportunity to check them out yet. I might splurge on a butcher shop brisket and see if it's really any better. Walmart's packers seem to be good enough for me and the...
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    Brisket Temp Question

    Had two briskets for this smoke... Only snapped pics of the first one. Foodsaver time is set for tomorrow. Going to be eating good for a while!
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    Brisket Temp Question

    Both briskets turned out great. Split off the point and cubed for burnt ends. Flats turned out great. Pictures will be coming soon. Thanks all for the input!
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    Brisket Temp Question

    Just pulled it off to rest. I'll be sure to post an update. This cold snap and snow has been eating up the charcoal. Luckily I was able to pick up 2 2x15lb packs at Walmart for $8 each 2 pack. I couldn't believe that price...
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    Brisket Temp Question

    Thanks, Dustin. I don't think it was that low for more than an hour or so.
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    Brisket Temp Question

    So I started an overnight smoke last night. Crashed out for a little longer than I wanted at 4:30am where the temp was around 230. Woke up at 8 and it was down to 150ish. Had no problem getting temps back up with some more charcoal. Other than lengthening cooking time, has anyone had issues with...
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    Freezing Brisket?

    If you can get about a spoonful of the drippings (or if you make au jus) in each bag, that seems to work great. It's not too much where the FoodSaver sucks it out and it's just enough to get some moisture in the bag when you're reheating. Make sure you get it in the bottom and don't let it run...
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    Weekend Smoke?

    I'm with Dale on the hot and fast method. I did hot and fast on a few split chickens and it turned out only OK because of the rub I used... wasn't exactly my kind of taste. I'll definitely use the hot and fast method again, just with a different rub. As for this weekend, I picked up a 13 lb...
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    Packer Brisket on 18.5 WSM

    Hey Mike, How much was that 17lber? I might have to go check out that place if the prices are good.
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    First smoke - Brisket on 22.5

    So I decided to go big on my first smoke. Picked up a 13 lb brisket for my 22.5 WSM and planned out an overnight cook with burnt ends. Trimmed the brisket (sorry, no pics), which was an adventure. Hit a little low in spots, and I think I left a little too much in others. Noted for next time...
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    Charcoal Chimney

    I have a paver waiting for my midnight cook. If yours lasted for years, seems like you got a good ROI. :) I don't know if the cast iron would transfer too much heat or not.
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    Smelly package of ribs. Ugh!

    I was just reading through the Kruger Safety thread last night: Here were two threads about smelly meat...
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    Best way to catch drippings?

    I might just have to sacrifice a beer for this... I'll have to drink two in its place, which isn't a bad trade-off.
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    Best way to catch drippings?

    Only one brisket today so I'll give that a go. Thanks!
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    Best way to catch drippings?

    I have a 22.5 WSM and will be smoking a brisket and then going for some burnt ends. What's the best way to catch the drippings for some sauce? I have the clay dish setup with foil over the waterpan so can I just pop an aluminum tray on the foil? Thanks!
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    Pulled pork on my new 22.5

    Some good looking pork. My wife makes great Carolina pork in the crock pot, but I'd love to know your rub recipe (if you don't mind sharing) and have a BBQ throw down with her... ;)
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    Hello from Richmond, VA!

    Hey everyone! I've had my new 22.5 sitting in the garage taunting me for a free weekend, which will be this one coming up. I feel like my first smoke needs to be the true, low and slow, midnight cook brisket... almost as a rite of passage. :D The high heat brisket looks awesome, and I've been...