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    Side burner broken?

    Can anyone tell me what it’s missing here? Is it the spider guard that’s melted down there? Flames were coming out of that area where there was melted plastic. Is it just as simple as replacing that little piece?
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    Genesis 3 burners

    Hey fellas, looks like I’ve got to replace the burners on my G3. I think part number 7506? Anyone have a good source for these? Prices seem to be all over the place.
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    Stanbroil 13bar

    These went on sale down to 30 bucks on Amazon. Says they’re 16 gauge. Anyone have experience with them? Stanbroil Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars for Weber Genesis I - IV & 1000-5000, Platinum I & II and More, Replacement Parts for Weber 7538 9813, Set of 13 (5 pcs 23-3/8", 8 pcs 15-7/8")...
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    Summit grates

    Will the grates off this Summit fit directly on a 1xxx? This popped up free on Offerup and I’m thinking about paying him 20 bucks for the grates
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    Thermoset tables on Weber 3xxx

    Has anybody put the plastic thermoset tables on the weber 3xxx frames that came with the wooden tables? About to scoop up a genesis gold and would like to use the thermoset tables on a deep firebox grill.
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    Rocker switch

    Hey fellas, long time since I posted on here.... I just picked up this grill for free! Couple things I’m looking for and having a little trouble. First is the rocker switch for the side burner, second is the front panel that has rust on it in the picture. I’ll get better picks when I get home.
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    Catch pan holder

    So I’m just finishing up a green hooded genesis 1000 for my mother in law’s birthday and the last thing I need is the catch pan holder, do any of you know of a better price than $17 on amazon?
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    Picked up a 2005 Genesis Platinum C

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and Weber's in general, and I cant say enough how much going through some old threads has taught me! I love seeing when people pick up nice scores from craigslist and make them really nice. Here's a pic of mine when I got it [/URL][/IMG] Overall its in decent...