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    FS: Cajun Bandit Stacker for 18.5 WSM

    SOLD Don’t have much of a need for this any longer so it’s up for sale. Has an eye grommet installed for a probe and a 1/2 hole drilled in the side for a thermometer. Also comes with the charcoal ring shown. $90 OBO. Will ship also for additional cost. Box is 20x20x13 inches and 15 lbs. I’m in...
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    Academy Sports Sale 4/22 Only

    Saw this on slick deals. I grabbed the 26" kettle for around $228 shipped. Act fast. link
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    Brisket and Wings

    My dad asked for brisket for fathers day. Costco Prime Grade Brisket. Salted for about 8 hours then added pepper right before putting it on On the WSM with the DigiQ so I could get some sleep. Pecan and oak for the smoke wood. Close to 8 hours in, time to wrap. For some reason I waited...
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    18" WSM $199 at Walmart in Louisville

    Got a text from a friend tonight that the Neighborhood Walmart on Blankenbaker Pkwy in Louisville had three 18" WSMs marked down to $199. Posting in case anyone on here is interested.
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    New Q - Grates Already Rusting???

    I just picked up a Q320 a month or so ago, and I've used it a few times. I'm already starting to get a fair amount of rust on the grates. I've been letting it run for 10 minutes on high after using it, and I have a brass bristle brush for cleaning the grates. I keep it outside with a Q cover...
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    Minion Method Troubles

    I'm having a problem running out of fuel 6-8 hrs in using the Minion Method. Is is possible I'm getting the coals burning to fast even though the temps are fine? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    New WSM - Vent Question

    Hi all. First let me say thank you for all the great info on this site. I've just fired up my new WSM and have a question. One of the bottom vents doesn't have the same tight fit as the other two. It will stay in any position but it feels very loose. I just purchased this unit new from...