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    Weber tool hanger on a 18.5” WSM

    I’ve had a Weber tool hanger laying around that I really wanted some use for. It didn’t fit my new MT and the MT didn’t really need it since it has tool hook handles. I finally got the courage to tackle it with some pliers and vice grips and made it work. The biggest benefit I’ve found though is...
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    How much charcoal for a chicken cook?

    I've really ventured into the charcoal game the last few years. I learned on a gasser which obviously helps with the basics but doesn't really have any skill and after loving my WSM so much I've started venturing into charcoal grilling. That said, as someone who doesn't store their grill outside...
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    Scored a new MT today!

    I have a 96 MT that I restored about 2 years ago that I'm sure a few of you have possibly seen me post about. Well sadly, as good as it's been to me, the one touch sweep is showing signs of wear and tear and as it's the old design, I can't exactly just buy a new one and call it a day without...
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    smoking in 0° weather - not a problem - beef ribs for xmas!

    Well i just finished up my smoking session on a set of beef ribs. I am cheating and finishing in the oven, but they were up to 185ish on the smoker and realistically didn't have much left. I got them on around 8am (fired up the coals around 7) and despite some hiccups with my fireboard (it...
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    PartyQ available - Upgrading my system

    Obviously if outside of MN I'd have to figure out shipping but I should have a PartyQ available for sale soon once my pit viper and fireboard2 show up. Honestly it's been a great unit and I've only used it a handful of times, but the new setup will give me everything I want and more and I'd hate...
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    Help me decide - Premium or MT

    So I posted a while back that I was able to restore an old 1996 MT back to former glorly. It's been great for 2 years but unfortunately there's a few bits that I couldn't save that are now down to their last leg (one touch system). Given the busted off handle, and everything else that I already...
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    Another hinge review - Chargriller acorn

    A while back I had read a review on the acorn chargriller hinge fitting an 18.5" WSM for $13. Mind mind was blown at the price so I ordered it and I can attest it does in fact work. However I will say the all in price is closer to $35 (let me explain) which is still a steal. So yes the part is...
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    Anyone got any tips for drilling through a WSM? Technique or bits?

    Anyone got any tips for drilling through a WSM. while i love love love this thing, not having a lid hinge has been an annoyance. And I do have a hinge that i bought a while ago but cannot for the life of me successfully drill though. I'm not sure if my technique sucks or if I just have crappy...
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    First time making spatchcock chicken on a WSM

    Well it reached 65 up in MN yesterday, which for us is basically summer haha, so I had to fire up the 18.5" WSM. Ok who am I kidding, I've been firing it up ever since it hit the 30's consistently. I also recently decided to order a PartyQ so that I can plug it in and forget about it when we...
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    Is this item safe? - hole plug for vent damper

    I got a party Q for my WSM and decided that I wanted to try out the plugs instead of foil tape if possible. I ordered the below in both 3/4" and 1/2" (the $3 waste on 2 plugs i won't need is still worth it), but I just want to be sure these are safe. Pretty sure nickel plating is what's used on...
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    Cooking Pork and Beef at the same time, can one drip on the other safely?

    I want to do a chuck roast and ribs soon, but I know cross contamination is always a concern. However the WSM's grates are stacked one directly over the other. is this a concern if i'm doing a chuck roast on one level and ribs on the other? Also is there a preferred setup, should the ribs be on...
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    Anyone have any good lid holder solutions?

    So my one gripe so far has been the lack of a lid holding solution. Does anyone have anything created and inexpensive. For the most part I've just set it on top of my kettle while cooking as I don't typically run them both at the same time, but for the superbowl that is likely to not be the case.
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    Spirit ii - is it being replaced?

    I know last year they had a lot of cool colors but this year all i'm finding is black, which to me seems like it might be getting discontinued. i was hoping to snag one in blue but wanted to see if my thoughts seem right or if it's just a little too early for them to be in stock.
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    Weber Kettle Part Help Needed - Thermometer cover - 1990's weber

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me locate a part for my 1995 mastertouch that i refurbished. The only piece i am missing is that thermometer shroud as shown on 2 of those kettles. I have no clue what the piece is actually called. Thanks.
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    Help - Temperature Spikes halfway during cook

    Does anyone have any advice for preventing temperature spikes halfway though a cook. Typically about 4 hours in I'll take stuff off to wrap. Up until removal the smoker will sit between 250-265 happy as can be, but as soon as I take the lid off to remove the meat, wrap it, and get it back on i'm...
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    Performer for $60 yay or nay? Found this and I’m looking for my next fixer upper project. Any value in this?
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    How much charcoal for 2-3 hours of 18.5" WSM?

    My plan is to do chicken thighs in the smoker next. I'm curious how much how much charcoal i'd need to only get it to last 2-3 hours. my smoker is new so it's not really at the close vents and it will put the coals out stage yet. I'm thinking 3/4ths chimney + maybe 10 briquettes?
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    PBC hinged grate in WSM with gateway Hanging rack?

    In seeing the cool way PBCs cook but realizing the WSM overall is superior, I’m wondering if buying the hanging rack and having that hinged gate from the PBC would be a good compromise. I’m just not sure if anyone knows if it would fit or how well the 2 would work together. Any input would help...
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    Finished my first Restoration, 1996 Mastertouch

    I just finished my first Weber restoration. It’s a 1996 mastertouch from what I’ve been able to gather. Long story short on it, the future in laws brought it for a garage sale after it was given to them for free and when it didn’t sell my fiancée couldn’t let it go so this year I said if we’re...