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    Dry Age Beef?

    Jamie, do you ever dry age beef to increase flavor? If so, how do you do it? Just let it sit in the fridge, uncovered, for something like a week? Does the dried beef on the outside need to be trimmed off or just cook it as is? Lastly, with what cuts of beef can this be done? Thanks for all your...
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    I'm trying to ride a balance b/t this awesome opportunity to ask grilling/smoking questions, but also not being a pain in the saddle. Jamie, truthfully, do you brine? As a cookbook author, I'm sure you HAVE to cover the subject - but do you actually do it when cooking for your family? Reason...
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    Several Q's for Jamie, Please

    Hi Jamie! Big fan of yours and am very grateful you're willing to help us out on Chris' great site. Thank you! And thanks for making things so easy to understand and less intimidating! Could I humbly ask a few Q's? 1. Got some great Aleppo pepper from Penzey's after hearing about it on Chris'...