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    Pre-tryout meal

    Awesome, Kurt! Very special "training table" meal from a great Dad for a lucky hockey player son! Hope the boy makes the team! Hey, uh, Kurt, I've been thinking about trying out too if I can get a scrumptious meal like that! :) Seriously, very nicely done, Sir!
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    More Go Giants Sausages from our Farmer's market

    Three quick thoughts, Chuck: 1. If you're makin' sausages, does that mean the Giants took one on the chin again? Against the Miami Fish? Oh boy... 2. You're kettles look awesome, but that poor smoker got tagged with some orange graffiti. Probably some high-heat black will fix that up fer ya. 3...
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    Scored a 26r today!

    What a photogenic er, family, you have there, Nate! :) Nice pickup!
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    My first roti chicken

    Looks like perfection, Nate! Really? That's your first roti-bird? Really impressive! My first one, the truss fell apart and the legs were flailing all over the place. You nailed that like a champ! Great color, and it looks like the skin was probably tasty and crispy. Did I say it looks perfect? :)
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    More Go Giants Sausages

    Great looking links, Chuck! Love 'em when they're cooked slow like that. Very nice! Hey Chuck, somebody defaced your smoker - but a can of high heat black will fix that right up. :) Seriously, good luck with the Dodger series. Puig went on the DL, so the old adage might apply: It's not WHO you...
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    More Go Giants Sausages

    Dale (Robert): Awesome story, Sir! Thanks for sharing that! Just incredible to get such a special baseball, but you got it from Smoky himself! (Never knew that nickname.) Amazing how contracts and agreements were so much simpler at one time. I genuinely enjoyed reading your post, Sir, and I'm...
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    Fire Roasted Chicken and Zucchini ( Z on the Q)

    Looks delicious, Chuck! Let me guess - it tasted great too, right? You know, you might have to consider doing chicken cooks to turn around those Gigantes instead of sausages. :) Very enjoyable post, Chuck - thanks!
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    Is this Cheating

    That makes perfect sense, Jeff - thanks for clarifying. I was curious b/c often a "direct" sear can get some nice browning that is harder to achieve with an "indirect" sear (IMHO), but you sure nailed it beautifully and got some incredible color there without overcooking it one bit. Fantastic, Jeff!
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    Go Giants Sausages

    Hope you were doing a sausage cook tonight, Chuck, b/c Los Gigantes took one on the chin and need to get it turned around. :) I'm a big baseball fan, Chuck, so I have the package and one of my favorite announcers are Kruk and Kuip - they clearly know the game but have a great sense of...
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    Go Giants Sausages

    Giants, Chuck? Isn't that a football team in New York? :p Seriously, the sausages look great and I love the superstition thing with baseball. Saw the new WS rings and they look NICE! Instead of saying "SF Giants", they should just say "Bumgarner". :cool: Hey Chuck, does your sausage superstition...
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    Caveman Cooked Aged Ribeye's

    Thanks for that link, Mary! Odds are strongly against her ever watching that, but I definitely will - Alton can be a bit quirky, but he's always interesting. The dilemma here, at least with the "nitrites" issue is that my wife is very smart and scientific, but I'm neither of those. When she and...
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    Caveman Cooked Aged Ribeye's

    Bill, most folks on this forum are smart enough to know about using lump and not briquets for Caveman Steaks, but 'ol Mickey, well, let's just say I learned something here. :) I got some lump charcoal today and was excited to try this, but my Bride nixed it. Said something about "nitrites" (had...
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    Caveman Cooked Aged Ribeye's

    Bill, thanks for that clarification. It will sound dumb, but the key thing I had overlooked was "lump charcoal" which probably burns cleaner and with less ash/soot than briquets. I have a lot of Kingsford Blue, but zero lump right now. I will definitely be getting some this weekend though...
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    Caveman Cooked Aged Ribeye's

    Bill, you're an absolute treasure here! Thanks for posting so many amazing cooks and for your many subtle insights. Inspirational, Sir, inspirational. May I ask this (with due respect): Is there a substantial difference b/t "caveman" (i.e. steaks cooked in the hot coals) and "chimney" (i.e...
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    Two Recent Cook

    Wow, Kevin! All 3 items from those 2 cooks look great. Really nice color, looks like great textures, and the pork roast looks like it picked up some nice smoke. Spectacular!
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    RS Chicken

    Perfect stuff, Cliff! Credit where credit is due, the original Roadside Chicken poster was Bryan S back in 2005 (, but it's definitely a winner and you nailed it! Cliff, can I ask how you did your potatoes? I know that's an odd question, but...
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    Is this Cheating

    Jeff, as others have said, there's no cheating there at all - that was a helluva great cook! From my ignorant perspective, this looks like a braise procedure and searing always helps those. But can I ask you this, Jeff: Why did you choose to "sear" in the oven (i.e. indirect) instead of searing...
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    Caveman Cooked Aged Ribeye's

    Bill, is the CEO also the spousal unit? I'm a little slow with these things. :rolleyes: I refer to mine as "The Appropriations Committee" and I can assure you it's tough getting a spending bill past her! :( But Bill, that cook you chronicled is boldly creative, inspiring, and taste-tingling all...
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    Saturday fun

    Wow, Chris! What an awesome cook! Great variety of foods, tastes, colors, and textures. Wish I was there - must've missed my invite. :rolleyes: Seriously, that's impressive stuff. As for the kitty cats, it looks like Archimedes means business and 'ol Bean "presides" over it. :)
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    The CEO's London Broil

    Good call, Brian. I have to read "carefully" all day, so I definitely don't read as carefully here and I flat missed that she is the CEO. Kudos. Hopefully Bill wasn't insulted by my gaffe.