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    Stokerlog 7.0 Release

    I hope I can get some help with this. I have been using Stokerlog since it became available and, with some minor problems, it the best log program available. Problem is using Windows 10 Stokerlog just stops and will not respond. The PIt Pal program works fine so it is not Rock's Stoker.
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    Problems with Stoker Log

    All works well until I want to change target temperature or use time cook / ramp cook. The blower drops off line and I have to use Rock's Stoker Status to connect it again. Help please,:confused:
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    Rock’s Stoker Interfaced with the SSII Managing my Royall Pellet Smoker

    Video and pic of Rock’s Stoker controlling my Royall 2000 Pellet Smoker interfaced with the Savannah Stoker during a overnight smoke for pulled pork. Picture of the pork smoking and the food and pit temp probes that are connected to Rock’s Stoker. Picture of Stoker Log on my laptop Video...
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    Sorry for the late reply but I missed your post and your idea could have been part of the problem so thanks.
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    On the old white unit I have been using the Linksys Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band Model: WET610N and never had a problem.
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    The new Rock's Stoker has built in Wifi
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    I followed your advice and change channels and I eliminated the interference from other networks. 1. After doing some checking it looks like my network is a little weak. 2. The old unit using a Game Adapter works fine. 3. The new unit with built in Wifi drops sometimes. I think the new unit...
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    OK, based on the above I downloaded a couple of analizers. I am running a guest network on the same channel as the main network. Could that be a problem? Also, running Linksys E2500 Advanced Dual-Band N router so two bands with a guest network. Thanks again art
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    New Year’s Eve Dinner for Sweetie and I

    Started with this: Racks of Lamb: Made that into this to merry up for a couple of days. Reversed Seared. New Years Dinner, Main Course Happy New Years to all.
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    Stoker Black Box wifi drops constantly

    I have the same problem with the New Stoker with built in Wifi dropping offline after about 30 minutes. I have both the Old Stoker with game adapter and the New Stoker running together. The Old Stoker has been logging on Stoker Log for 29 hours and the New Stoker logging on Stoker Log stop...
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    Stuff Pork Chops Grilled on E-330

    Chops went in a Pork Brine for 24 hours. Assembled the ingredients: Opened a pocket, stuffed the chop, dried fruit and added some herbs: Closed with a skewer: Warmed the grill to 650: Fired up the sear burner and the chops went on: Four one minute flips and turns and moved...
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    Thanks for help...Proud new owner of a Gensis EP-330

    Based on great reviews and posts on this site we replaced our Grand Hall, 11 years old, with a Weber E-330. Ya gotta love the sear burner.