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    Raspi 3A+ on a HM 4.0

    Yes, that's a HM 4.0. I was trying to update my HM4.0 since it has the 4 line display and 4d printed case so I removed the original Pi and replaced it with a Raspi 3A+ but it's very unreliable and needs to be rebooted every couple days, then I might have to pull power and plug it back in...
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    Old HM Case

    Anyone have the stl for this old case?
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    1st cook in 3 years

    I just had to post, between kids and work, it's been over 3 years since I've cooked but staying at home has its advantages. I built this HM back in 2014/2015 time-frame iirc and it fired right up. I updated the code and working flawlessly. Ribs for dinner! Thanks all!
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    Possible bug

    So I ran into unexpected behavior I haven't seen before. Not sure if it's always been there or if it's v13. For starters, I am running an electric smoker so the heatermeter is pretty much on 24/7. I cooked yesterday and at the end of the cook, I turned the pit temp down to a low temp(50...
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    Settings help

    So I had an SD card go bad and an starting my configuration over from scratch. I have an electric smoker with SSR and is it correct to set it up for that to see the min and max to 100%? Also, if anyone else is running an electric and could share their PIS settings it would save me a lot of...
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    Cool new SOC
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    GE research Supersmoker
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    New Thermoworks probe versions

    Looks like Thermoworks updated their probes
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    Article on analog thermocouple reading
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    Electric smoker

    After having a bad time and having the food come out hours late I have decided to replace the cheap mechanical temp control in my electric smoker with HM. Bryan, the PWM output that drive the blower will in my case drive an SSR. I looked to see if i could find some info on this as I vaguely...
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    Probes go on and off

    I have 732 probes with 22k resistors and all has been fine. I haven't used my HM in a while so I recently upgraded it to v10 and decided to cook. I haven't had this issue before with these probes and HM but now the probes go back and forth between off and the temp, probably about 75% off the...
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    Interesting new product
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    Pellet smokers

    Anyone here use a pellet smoker?
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    Odd fluctuations

    I just noticed something odd. I've had my HM sitting on my office desk today and left it on with 4 new probes I got and this is the graph. What would cause the pit probe fluctuations? All probes are sitting together, practically touching so i would think if this was an actual temperature...
  15. R layout

    I uploaded the HM4 schematic and Board layout to for anyone interested. Prices are really high to purchase the boards from them but i thought it might be a good tool for those without eagle. I couldn't figure out how to get the silkscreen layer to show up tho...
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    Edimax wireless

    Well, after a few days my Edimax EW-7811Un wireless died, won't light up or anything. Any thoughts on this adapter vs others? Should i get another one or switch to something different?
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    Oops on OPKG-Configuration

    I had a cut and paste screw up, can someone post the default OPKG Configuration please?
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    HM 4.0 Display options

    I am interested in using a larger display on my heatermeter so that i can display all 4 probe temps at the same time. Longer term it might be nice to use the extra real estate to be able enter probe types without using the serial interface. According to Bryan Mayland: So for starters to not...