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  1. TroyS

    WSM 22.5" for sale Hammond, La.

    Stainless steel hinge, locking casters and Weber cover complete this beast. Racks, charcoal ring and water pan included. Asking 275.00
  2. TroyS

    B&B where are you?

    Does anyone know why B&B briquettes (oak) are so hard to find? Checked numerous places and either out of stock or very limited supply.
  3. TroyS

    binder or not

    How many of you use a binder for rubs? Just curious if anyone thinks, don't laugh, the binder might inhibit the absorption of smoke or doesn't affect it at all?
  4. TroyS

    Serious question LOL

    I know this might sound silly to ask but here goes....... Is a cabinet style smoker worth the jump in cost over a WSM? LOL I know this is probably the wrong forum for that but had to ask. I have a 22" WSM and I absolutely love it. I'm debating on adding a cabinet smoker mainly for brisket...
  5. TroyS

    Comp chicken question

    KCBS comp chicken thighs leave bone in or do you remove? Just a preference question as I'm curious what judges favor if anyone knows.
  6. TroyS

    hunsaker vortex in WSM

    Does anyone here in the forum use a Hunsaker Vortex in your WSM? I have one and have used it but was wondering if the dome shape WSM lid sort of nullifies the mechanics of the vortex. From what I understand the vortex allows heat and smoke to rise in a spinning or circular fashion thus...
  7. TroyS

    business offer (potentially)

    A friend is thinking of selling bbq periodically at his restaurant. The idea is to use my equipment, prepare and cook onsite at his business and serve bbq on occasion. More than likely the product will be purchased by the restaurant and I would prep and cook (when available) to add the bbq to...
  8. TroyS

    Deflector plate question

    I've used a deflector plate a few times and it seems as if the smoke with the plate is thicker. Also it seems the smoke takes longer to clean up. Is this something anyone has found if using a plate or is it just timing from the start of the fire and being impatient? This is in a drum smoker...
  9. TroyS

    rib rack question

    Anyone know if the rib rack (hanging) that fits the WSM 22.5 would work on a drum smoker (55 gal)?
  10. TroyS

    brisket no wrap

    Cooking brisket (avg 13lb) on a WSM 22.5 @ 275 degrees does anyone have an average time till probe tender IF: 1. wrapped in paper or 2. not wrapped at all. I've used foil at that temp and its almost spot on to be a 7 to 8 hour cook.
  11. TroyS

    Mods made a difference

    Adding the hinge and casters has really enhanced using the 22.5 but the gasket addition was a boost. I installed gasket material on the upper rim of the mid section and also on the interior section of the factory aluminum door. Since I wasn't totally convinced the gasket would adhere minus any...
  12. TroyS

    amount of wood chunks

    I'm using orange and/or cherry wood chunks for a comp this weekend that will involve brisket, ribs and chicken. Will be cooking with the WSM 22.5 and charcoal briqs. How much wood is a good average to use? The reason I'm asking is because on two separate occasions I was told the smoke was a...
  13. TroyS

    WSM 22.5 coating question

    I'm noticing some coating that appears to have bubbled off the surface of the lid (inside near rim). I had this same problem with the mid section near the door. It's as if a thin layer of the coating has gotten too hot and begun to peel. When I wipe the area it definitely is the dark coating...
  14. TroyS

    minion method question

    I've seen the minion method described as hot coals in the center of coals not lit which should burn outward and also as lit coals poured over unlit coals burning downward. Which one is better or are they relatively the same?
  15. TroyS

    PartyQ questions

  16. TroyS

    All in one

    Interested in using my WSM 22.5 for an upcoming comp which will be comprised of ribs, brisket and chicken. Has anyone or is anyone familiar with this approach? I think between sound coordination of my times and using a Cambro that it might be feasible but just the same any advice or info is...
  17. TroyS

    River Country Thermometer

    Does anyone know the best stem size for a WSM 22.5? Also is there a model by River Country that fits the factory hole placement in the WSM? Any info much appreciated.