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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    To make you feel better I have never been able to get a packer or pulled pork to temp using 225 F, I switched to 250 years ago. I know everything you read says 225 and all recipes say 225 so maybe someone will come on here and tell us how it's done. :)
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    Questions about the first long cook with the HM

    I am no expert BBQ chef but have done a number of pulled pork butts over the years on my BGE. First, I use 250 F as I was never able to get the pork up to temp at 225F. Second, I put my top vents at half open for 250 F. Maybe having top vents full open caused some of the oscillations you...
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    My HeaterMeter build, RIP Stoker

    Sorry to hear about your father. I moved from Stoker to Heatermeter also. Surprised that the 5 volt Stoker fan works with Heatermeter, I never tried it. Would have saved me a lot of work had I known. Keep the Egg hot and BBQ flowing in his memory!
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    Where has Bryan been, is this project abandoned?!

    Very glad everything worked out so well for your family. Just received and built a 4.3 this past week. After using the 4-way for many years, I am already a fan of 4 separate!
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    Re-purposed Heatermeter

    Got my old Heatermeter back to work monitoring my first attempt at a lager beer. Pit probe in the freezer and probe 1 in a thermowell in the fermenter. Working perfect.
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    WiFi Trouble, How to Reload Software?

    I'm not one of the regulars passing out help but see you have got no reply's yet. Try the reset option on the heatermeter LCD display then load the new software. Should work then.
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    WSM 22 and White box Stoker

    22 inch WSM in excellent and clean condition. Cajun Bandit SS door and lid hinge. White box Stoker also in excellent working condition with fan and adapter. Pick up only in west Chicago suburb $400. Selling as a set only. Send private message. Thanks.
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    WSM 22.5 PID Settings

    Great! That is looking as good as it gets right there.
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    WSM 22.5 PID Settings

    Don't skimp on the fuel, I think you are on the right track there. Set it up as if you are doing a 12 hour brisket every time. The unused coals will just be used next time. Also don't skimp on the lit coals you add, make sure it is at least half a Weber chimney. Most people need to use a...
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    WSM 22.5 PID Settings

    Also, I always used the water pan with water. As I am sure you know, a lot of people use a ceramic pan dry with success. I just never tried it.
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    WSM 22.5 PID Settings

    I am pretty sure I didn't have it full open, maybe half. I did a minion but not a fancy one. Just filled up the charcoal ring then spread a half chimney of lit over the top.
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    WSM 22.5 PID Settings

    It has been a couple years since I used my Heatermeter with my 22 inch WSM (I have a BGE now) but I had great success with the WSM (and BGE) using stock PID. I had a fan with a gravity damper when using the WSM just like you describe. I think, if I remember correctly, I used about half a...
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    2018 Genesis II: Two New Grills

    Just a comment on my observations of the casters. I have purchased and rebuilt 3 Genesis 1000 series grills and all of them had the casters frozen solid. However my 17 year old genesis has the original casters and they are good as new. All I can figure is that I move my grill away from house...
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    so how are you attaching your blower to the smoker

    As you probably have noticed the Stoker runs on 5v DC (at least mine does) and who knows what all the electronics on the side of the fan does (I don't). I decided a long time ago to forget that idea. My first Heatermeter fan was a copy of the Stoker fan I made pretty easily out of aluminum...
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    How does everyone use their Heatermeter when lighting their Big Green Egg?

    I use Heatermeter as soon as I light coals, never get an overshoot. I have a BGE XL and use map torch to light the outside perimeter of coals. I also use standard PID but with a fan/damper of my own design. Turn on Heatermeter, light coals and that's it, no fooling around. That is what this...
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    HM keeps overshooting and then fire dies and needs to be relit at 225.

    Wow, open lid, close lid, adjust damper, place charcoal. Really? Why bother with a controller if you are doing all that. You are way over thinking this or something. 4 pages of problems that nobody else has, should be dump in charcoal. light fire, turn on heatermeter. Been doing that over two...
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    HM keeps overshooting and then fire dies and needs to be relit at 225.

    I am a long time Heatermeter user and just had this same thing happen for the first and only time ever recently. I am using a ceramic cooker also (BGE). I will bet it is the way you lit your lump. I have always used a torch and lit the outer parimeter of the lump and never had the spike and...
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    General 3D Printing Thread

    I have used Octoprint now for almost 2 years over home Wifi to a rPi B+ to RAMPS without a single hiccup. Wonder if it has to do with your dongles or rPi model. I don't think you should be having an issue like that. Doesn't really matter tho, sounds like you have the situation covered!
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    Modify HMv4.0 to support a damper

    As you can see my name is all over that thread as I upgraded my 4.0 to a 4.2 using Ralph's directions. I can attest that everything works flawlessly and gives new life to the 4.0.