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  1. Jon Tofte

    Genesis 2 Redhead Resto (edited: not 2000)

    Looking good, Jason. It’s going to be a nice Labor Day if you can bring yourself to let that nice grill getting dirty🤣!
  2. Jon Tofte

    Left it by the curb...abandoned

    I would have grabbed the grates which are thick and can be cut to fit in a Genesis 1-5, x000 and Silver B/C.
  3. Jon Tofte

    I will just leave this here

    There is really no low cost way to replicate the chrome-look plastic coating on the new style badges. While you can buy “chrome” paint, I don’t think it will work very well. Might be better to go a custom color route as @LMichaels suggested.
  4. Jon Tofte

    Amazon aftermarket flavorizer bars - genesis 1000

    Oh yeah, but I do think they were better than what you get now. I have seen ruined ones but also recovered ones that are still very useable. I especially like that for a really old Genesis to keep some more originality.
  5. Jon Tofte

    Amazon aftermarket flavorizer bars - genesis 1000

    John, A personal use grill with a long sentimental history is a lot different than what a number here do on finding, fixing and flipping old Weber grills. I think for you, the security of knowing you have OEM burners can make sense if you are not on an otherwise tight budget. For those of us who...
  6. Jon Tofte

    I found my Platinum C!

    For whatever reason, it does seem that these late Platinum grills run hot. I know mine did (since sold). Mine had a bulge in the firebox from an apparent grease fire on the bottom - the same side Lee mentioned. I just decided I could live with it. A swap with a better Silver B/C firebox would...
  7. Jon Tofte

    Meat Thermometers

    I agree that these companies are having to scramble as their products are not really "can't do without" items. Those are some great prices that @Bruce posted above, especially the TP620 for $34.99 (best price I have seen since this came out as their flagship model) and only $13.29 for a TP19H...
  8. Jon Tofte

    Help picking new grates for a Genesis Silver A

    The Qlimetal grates are really nice, maybe the thickest option available since Dave Santana is not taking orders right now. The are also extremely nice. Whether that 1mm matters is a personal choice as it picking between a Made-in-USA choice (BBQParts,com) or overseas import...
  9. Jon Tofte

    I will just leave this here

    That's probably the nicest of the Silver A grills, and just being given away :( . They are excellent cookers, and I think that model - especially with the black handle and knobs - is the best-looking Silver A Weber made. It is true that the cabinet is prone to rust, especially the bottom. Still...
  10. Jon Tofte

    I will just leave this here

    You can’t say there is rust on the bottom at least🤣!
  11. Jon Tofte

    Weber 5000 in Bainbridge, NY

    Good detective work, guys! 👍 I seriously doubt there remains anyone at Weber who knows the stories of these older grills.
  12. Jon Tofte

    Blowout Sale Weber Smokefire Stealth

    I think Weber is going to avoid any more super low prices on the SmokeFire, if at all possible. They have to have lost their shirt on all the warranty parts and customer service hours. Their financial results reflect that as well. The buyers who took advantage of those $999 prices (and some even...
  13. Jon Tofte

    SS Grates for Genesis (2022) EPX-335

    I think it will make more sense if you watch this Weber video on Home Depot's website. Look at the one with the green beans being grilled:
  14. Jon Tofte

    SS Grates for Genesis (2022) EPX-335

    I was at my Ace store in little Brazil, IN today. They have two new Genesis grills. The more expensive one featured really nice looking 9mm stainless (430 I am pretty sure) grates. These are divided unequally to accommodate the Crafted Kitchen add-ons. I would think, surely, you can buy a...
  15. Jon Tofte

    What is this part?

    Exactly! But then later Weber abandoned the idea they had long touted of having the tank outside and off to one side. They claimed it was safer (presumably further away from the grill's high heat). With the Genesis 300 series, the tank moved inside anyway. They did put a heat shield (that...
  16. Jon Tofte

    I will just leave this here

    "This was the last year they made them with two rolls of flavorizing bars." Well, yeah, but it would be nice if they were still intact:rolleyes...
  17. Jon Tofte

    I will just leave this here

    Thanks Jeff! :smilekettle:
  18. Jon Tofte

    Genesis 2022 splurge!! E-435

    I know many of us fans of the "classic" old Weber Genesis grills have been a little put-off by the appearance of this newest Genesis. I myself am slowly warming to it, although I will always primarily be a fan of the original Genesis 1-5, x000 grills. As far as the "Crafted Outdoor Kitchen"...
  19. Jon Tofte

    Bringing New Life to an Old "Platypus"

    Gray just looked too boring and clashed with the rest of what I was doing. I went for something unique😊!
  20. Jon Tofte

    Aluminum grease drip pans

    Here's 50 for 15 bucks with good reviews: