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  1. Lew Newby

    Shrimp and Mash - A Shrimp and Grits Hack

    I love Shrimp and Grits. My wife won't eat grits but she loved this dish. I wanted to have something similar that we both will enjoy. The quantities in this recipe will feed two octogenarians for 2 dinners so it's probably enough for 2 with healthier appetites. The original recipe called for...
  2. Lew Newby

    Is The Smokefire a Failure or Success and What Proves It?

    This summer the Smokefire did not go on sale as it did the past two summers. Instead, Weber released the Stealth version which costs more. The jungle drums occasionally talk about something but I can't figure out what's they say is coming. Confused. However, this summer our Facebook group is...
  3. Lew Newby

    New Member of the Smokefire 2 Year Club

    Today marks the two year anniversary of my Smokefire ownership. Like many of you, I wondered if I was making a mistake. Like many of you I had researched the grill online and followed the struggles of owners here on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board. I had researched a lot. I thought I knew...
  4. Lew Newby

    Beef Sticks and Cheez Its

    I'm happy with my cased Beef sticks but decided to try uncased Beef Sticks. Less work. Today I cooked 5 lbs. of ground beef with no casings. Ground Beef from Sam's Club, LEM Original Backwoods seasoning, and 3 TBS. minced Jalapenos. LEM Jerky Cannon and B&B Championship Blend pellets...
  5. Lew Newby


    My wife gave me my Fathers Day gift early. She knows that I like gadgets and that I'm getting old enough use a little help with the little cleaning I do on my Smokefires. She got me a Grillbot and I charged it up yesterday and tested it today. Now, America's Test Kitchen tested this and don't...
  6. Lew Newby

    Anyone getting a Stealth?

    Paul Warner got his EPX4 in April. Anyone else planning to get one? Just Curious. While I would really like to have the upgrades, I'm totally happy with my Gen 1 ** ;) EX6., I don't think I'll get the Stealth. I know not to say never when it comes to grills. :ROFLMAO:
  7. Lew Newby

    When Family Comes to Town

    My Brother from another mother that I discovered 7 years ago brought his wife down from St. Louis for a few days visiting. Coincidentally, our son was visiting yesterday from Raleigh, NC and he got to meet them for the first time. Our daughter and her husband joined us for dinner. I did a 6.5...
  8. Lew Newby

    Smokefire Beef Sticks

    I have made Jerky for years but in Dec. 2020 I broke a front tooth biting through a piece. I decided to learn how to make beef sticks to replace my Jerky fix. I happen to prefer mine in Collagen casings and to get the casings right the sticks need to spend a few hours at 150 and below or they...
  9. Lew Newby

    Another Software Upgrade This Week

    Apparently Weber heard a lot of complaints after the last round of upgrades. New software version 5206 is getting pushed out to users.
  10. Lew Newby

    Beef Sticks and Chicken Sunday

    What to do at 2 AM when you wake up feeling like crap, can't go back to sleep, and you're constantly coughing. Start the Beef Sticks earlier than planned. I walked out in the garage and as the door opened this tee shirt and shorts old fart was reminded that the overnight forecast was for a low...
  11. Lew Newby

    Maybe My Last Brisket

    Today I smoked a 13 lb. Prime Brisket, from Sam's Club, for my daughter's cook book. It took 2 hours for the erratic temps to settle but for the remainder of the cook the EX4 hummed. It probed tender at 203 so I rested it in a cooler for 4 hours. The broth that I captured from the foil was...
  12. Lew Newby

    Firmware Update to Version 04077 - It's Here - FINALLY

    I cooked some Beef sticks today and my EX6 updated the firmware during the cook. Now we get to see how it performs.
  13. Lew Newby

    Physical Differences in EX4 and EX6

    Maybe you're wondering about the difference in the two so I thought I would add this to the database of those who read it. What a lot of people new to the Smokefire don't realize is that most of the parts are interchangeable. I'll list the physical differences and if anyone can add to the...
  14. Lew Newby

    Used EX4 Assessment

    It's not hard to assess the EX4 because it's just like my EX6 but has a 24 in. cook box and no warranty. I bought the grill to cook on and it cooks great. I've run it hot and cooked on Smokeboost. It works and the problems it has are the same as my EX6. They stem from Immature software and...
  15. Lew Newby

    Pernil - Puerto Rican Pulled Pork

    This is the 4th time I’ve done Pernil. I marinate it for at least 30 hours. I have smoked it low and slow and it works. Today I did it hot and fast on the EX4. 300 degrees F and that works great. I wrapped it at 165 and it was reading 198 when it was probe tender. The cook took just a little...
  16. Lew Newby

    Ambient Probe Holder

    I hope this is the right place because this is definitely a gadget. I screwed up and left my 12 year old wooden probe holder in the Smokefire and pushed it to an early demise. This happened last week after a high heat run and when I opened the lid the probe holder was smoking. Bad bad sign...
  17. Lew Newby

    First Cook On My "New To Me" EX4

    4.5 lbs. of Beef Sticks. Because of the limited space I can't use my hot plate and smoke tube setup that I use in the EX6. I broke out my Craigslist Nesco Dehydrator and gave the sticks an hour each at 125 and 145. Then I moved them to the EX4 on smokeboost with a narrow water pan to...
  18. Lew Newby

    My Used But New to me Gen 1 EX4

    I've been looking for a used EX4 so I could learn for myself what the differences are and have a backup in case my EX6 went down for awhile. I found a 2 year old Gen 1 with upgrades and the folding front shelf. The young fella selling it likes charcoal better and just bought a Summit. He was...
  19. Lew Newby

    Weber's Pellet Grill Future

    Since I bought my Smokefire I've seen the release of the Gen 2 and now the Stealth. My background is military and the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program. Understanding the production of Nuclear Weapons certainly doesn't qualify me to assess the manufacture of a consumer product so I would like to...
  20. Lew Newby

    Ambidextrous EX6

    I have been working on my Beef Stick recipe and cook method for at least 10 months. I think I have it figured out and my reversible conversion to an electric smoker allows me to smoke them for the first few hours at temps from 100 to 150. This phase is low temperature smoking and not cold...