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  1. Jepprey P

    Tomahawks on the 14" WSM

    The family got me a couple of tomahawk steaks for Father's Day, so after being inspired by B.A. Poole's hanging tomahawk post, decided to try that method out on the 14" WSM. They were over 2.5lb. each. Cooked them at 250 degrees for an hour or so with pecan wood chunks. Finished them up...
  2. Jepprey P

    Spatchcock Chicken on the Smokey Joe Silver

    I sometimes use my Smokey Joes as dedicated spatchcock chicken cookers. The idea came to me after making a mini WSM (following the thread on this site) a few years ago (2014?) and I was trying to figure out what to do with the metal perforated tamale pot insert. Why not use it as a heat...
  3. Jepprey P

    Go Anywhere Rotisserie Stacker Cooks (BBQ Lumpia and Spinning Wings)

    I first came across the Zifa rotisserie stacker in a post by George Curtis covering Gas Go Anywhere mods. ( I happended to be in Germany and had my WGA charcoal with me, so why not? I bought the stacker and a few other products from...
  4. Jepprey P

    Weber Go Anywhere Pork Butt and Chuck Roast Cooks

    Setting up the Weber Go Anywhere for an indirect cook. Lower vent closed on the left, open on the right. Top right vent is closed and the top left is open. Small pork butt placed on a rack. Almost done! Plenty of charcoal left. Barbecue sandwiches are next. Another day, another WGA...
  5. Jepprey P

    WSJ-Spatchcocked Chicken?

    Can a spatchcocked chicken (6-7 lbs.) be cooked in the Weber Smokey Joe Silver. It looks like it can fit. Asking for a friend and we are headed out for a road trip this weekend. Pros and cons would be helpful. Thanks!