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  1. MKEvenson

    Brisket Cook Time Question

    Dan, since you are doing slow pork , assuming, you have the grate space, I would say go slow but start 1-2 hrs earlier. Holding in a blanket and cooler for 3-4 hrs is fine. Haven't been back here for a while, and don't know what the current feelings are, but I have done more brisket HH than low...
  2. MKEvenson

    Are Weber Grills Worth the Money?

    Customer service and parts availability make Weber a smart choice. I have not had to use customer service in a few years but when I did they were excellent, always sending me new parts for free. Make sure you register your Weber grills. Mark
  3. MKEvenson

    Using 2 LP regulators in line, good, bad, doesn't matter?

    I am new to LP grills. Recently purchased a Weber q 2200. I travel towing a Casita trailer with 2, 20# LP tanks. I cook most outside the trailer using a Camp Chef propane stove and the Weber q. Both propane cookers have regulators attached to them from the factory. My question is, will the...
  4. MKEvenson

    Back from Santa Rosa, Ca

    Thank you all so much for your kind welcome back! We are well and retired here in Santa Rosa. Mark
  5. MKEvenson

    Indirect grate here

    Tom, in doing my research, I found those videos. Just shows " there ain't much new out there". Mark
  6. MKEvenson

    Indirect grate here

    q2200. Mark
  7. MKEvenson

    Cleaning your grill grates

    I was at the gas company yesterday getting a fitting for my q. I noticed a "Grill Daddy Pro cleaning brush" This device holds water which is delivered to your pre heated grate and cleans with steam. Hmmmm. No idea if it works and it does employ steel bristles. May be worth a look? Available at...
  8. MKEvenson

    Indirect grate here

    Jon, I got it at Sur La Table. Higher end cooking store here in town. They may have a web site. I foiled for 1 hr after that pic. The ribs were DELICIOUS. Thanks for your comment. Mark
  9. MKEvenson

    chicken leg rack

    Found another gizmo that seems to work for helping indirect cooking of bird legs. Bought a couple days ago but can't remember where? Seems the label said something about using for legs and chilies? Works well. Added a heat diffuser under the rack. Mark
  10. MKEvenson

    Indirect grate here

    I am new to the q. Wanted to try ribs with low / indirect heat. I found a device, rack, that seems to work pretty well. Stands 1.5in above Weber grate, 7in wide and 19.25in long. Made of ceramic, good for up tp 700F per Sur la table. PRICY at $39. Using low heat and water with foil under the...
  11. MKEvenson

    What a deal on spareribs !

    Robert McGee, please clear you PM's Mark
  12. MKEvenson

    What a deal on spareribs !

    Robert, Your reply has me wanting to go to Costco today and cook up some ribs tonight. Please give your ideas of "done properly". Might pick up some pointers. Mark
  13. MKEvenson

    Weekend Spareribs with the Family

    Cliff, enjoyed your pics and narrative. Did you find 6hrs good for the ribs? Quite a bit of pullback. Looks yummy. Good job cooking and posting! Mark
  14. MKEvenson

    What do salt and sugar have in common?

    Both white�� Mark
  15. MKEvenson

    Back from Santa Rosa, Ca

    Cliff, thanks for the welcome. "back in the day" my friend, Lencho says that all the time. Well he is a year older than me at 68. Ya, back in the day!!!!!!!! Life seemed so much simpler, as if I can remember !!!!!! Mark
  16. MKEvenson

    Back from Santa Rosa, Ca

    Greetings and salutations! Been a member for 16 yrs, just took a small vacation from the forum. Retired Nov '16, bought a 17' Casita, wife had her hip replaced and the house survived the fires. What could be better? Still have my UDS, Weber kettle, weber Smoky Joe ( modified for smoking) and a...
  17. MKEvenson

    Why is MSRP so high on the Weber website?

    Mike, prices don't go down! You can't enjoy the WSM if you haven't bought it. Enjoy life, NOW. Buy today and smoke tomorrow. Mark HELP, I'm falling!
  18. MKEvenson

    The Big Lie of supermarket brisket

    Try a restaurant supply, I use Cash and Carry here in Ca. Find a BBQ Joint and buy a full packer from them. There is always internet. Mark
  19. MKEvenson

    Caveman T-bone steak: first & last try!

    Do you normally like T bones? I don't find them that tasty to begin with. Mark
  20. MKEvenson

    SHOW US YOUR BBQ PIT CAVE (pics!!) :)

    Nice set up. Cover for the rain? Mark