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  1. Greg in Utah

    Steaks on the master touch

    I seem to have lost my patience for any food / cooking photos so I get it 😝
  2. Greg in Utah

    Just a burger please

    Very nice!
  3. Greg in Utah

    Pork chop to the rescue

    I loves me some pork chops 😎
  4. Greg in Utah

    Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Machine

    I’m a Moccamaster owner as well. I prefer pourover, but the Technivorm comes very close. I also have the Chemex among other coffee toys and I’m not a fan of the Chemex filters. If you want to try something amazing, try a Hario Switch 👍
  5. Greg in Utah

    Chicken Shwarma - oven and skillet version

    “You probably haven’t had it. I don’t know why. But you’re missing out.” Are you a hipster?
  6. Greg in Utah

    Pork chop roast.

    Very nice 👍
  7. Greg in Utah

    30" Kettle - Would You?

    I'd be on this like stink on a monkey.
  8. Greg in Utah

    ThermoWorks ThermoPop 40% off

    These make great stocking stuffers 😎
  9. Greg in Utah

    The Humor Thread

  10. Greg in Utah

    The Humor Thread

  11. Greg in Utah

    Pizza stones crack if used in the gas grill?

    I’ve also had 2 stones for many years and have had no cracks. I leave them in the oven thinking their mass helps stabilize the temps. Look for pizza stones that aren’t made in China and I bet you’ll be just fine.
  12. Greg in Utah

    Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome Fabian.
  13. Greg in Utah

    The Humor Thread

  14. Greg in Utah

    Lamb and vegggies.

    In the immortal words of Popeye. Gas? Phooey!
  15. Greg in Utah

    The Humor Thread

    Oh man, I’ve worked with that guy more than once.
  16. Greg in Utah

    Some Chicken and ‘gus

    Nah! That Gus was perfect.