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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Well, I see there was a dry spell for Dave, but I am returning as I need a recipe for a correct Sambuca. I have all the ingredients ( anise seeds to mortar and pestel ) etc. I had a neighbor in and he said he liked coffee with a douse of Sambuca. He liked my limoncello a lot so I figured a good...
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Hi, RAY.....long time....I see above you have increased zest to 50 from 40 or so. Correct ? I went to 12 lemons from 10....... but I am going to my new gram scale to be consistent. Good to hear you about. Remember my trying Rhubarbacello....Everyone loved it and it does improve with age. It...
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    Best way to Collect Dripping from Boston Butt?

    I always use a pan big enough to catch all the drips and never use the foil. I do sometimes add, say a cop of h2o at the outset. BUT, I now only do the butts as deconstructed and don't usually add water at the outset. Usually I have a lot of great bark on three large pieces with several cups of...
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    Pork "stew" in a squash bowl

    And what is a " GRINGO SIGN ", pray tell ???
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    My version of a wsm-table

    Peter....You and your MOD have put me in a difficult position...that is to say, I want one of these badly, but I don't even have a smoker. WOW
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    Herecy!!! I know, but I made an electric WSM.....

    So, DAVE....I think I must go for it. I have been wanting to brine some lake trout and cold smoke. I think I may have a solution to the salmon at dollars per pound that does not make sense to me. I know the farm raised salmon eats orange food so they look authentic, but maybe I'll use a lot of...
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    Cold smoked salmon

    Geir, I have thought many times about the cold smoke approach. BUT, my friends and family have become enamored with the Grav Lax I do that it does not seem worth it to make the effort. The prep is more than easy, no need to smoke, and almost impossible to do it poorly. It takes me 2.5 days in...
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    A Butt Rub (for Jane)

    I think I'm I need to make a fresh batch of KK's finishing sauce for butts. If I may add...Now I use your sauce as a base , defat the drippings and add to fine tune the whole batch....Oh Boy, and thanks...SO for BUTTS, ONLY KK'S " RUB FOR JANE ".... & TO FINISH THE PULLED PORK, KK,S...
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    A Butt Rub (for Jane)

    And very much appreciate your return to me...I use Your Jane's for all butts, but needed clarification with the KK rib rub offered in your post of 7-29-07. I think I have resolved my this... Choose the Chile blend you prefer and use ALL that you mixed in the rest of the...
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    A Butt Rub (for Jane)

    Need more Kevin K's rib rub, but have become confused ....In reviewing the recipe I cannot be sure of this.....I have the chili blend I like, but does all this blended 3-pepper mix get used in the recipe of 2004 or is only part of it used and the amount not in print ? AND Kevin or other...
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    Genesis 1000 redtop for sale

    Hi, AL. I will take it if we could meet up in Buffalo. I'm in Rochester and would like to have it if CL doesn't work for you. We will have lunch too, on me. Just a fine resto, and as an antique wood canoe restorer, I know resto passion when I see it. Dave
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Hi, the rhubarbacello is on its way. I checked the amount of H2o that came from the rhubarb and it is almost equal to the 1 litre of EC I used with the 4 lbs of Rhu. And I could swear that the Rhu added some sweetness to the extraction as well. Thinking I must be careful when I add the...
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Well, many thanks Mr.B for the detail. You are in my files now, my friend. I am pretty much on path with your approach and might have to find some castor sugar. I have about the same cloudiness as you and it is fine with me. The final adjustments are the key to consistency for the cello style...
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    Lemon Yellowies

    Well, Mark...I didn't forget. Just too many hobbies, but...the cello is stupendous.....will never go commercial again. Next figure how much cello to put in the yellowies recipe and what or how much of to sub with the cello. The cakes may well be lemony enough and not really need any...
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    Venison Heart & Liver -- Need Recipe

    Stoney,Hi. Most " sportsmen " are not able to figure out the offals.....but it is so nice when one helps with a drag and they give them all to you or tell you how far back they left them. Amazon used to have used copies of a fabulous cookbook titled " The LL Bean Game and Fish cookbook ". The...
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Hi, RB...boy, went through every page, but cannot find enough specificity to think I will match up well enough with my lemon version. Maybe I missed something, but the thread ids long, oye. I'll keep an eye out ....maybe I'll get lucky. My limoncello came out with a very nice balance between the...
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    need a little help with grapefruit cello. Made limoncello 12-2013 and rave,, rave from the spouse, relatives, neighbors. Now need a grapefruit recipe to match up with the lemon approach and don't know how to go. Here is my lemon version : 1L EC 190, 1.5L H2O, 11 lemons microplaned, 4 cups white...
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    Pork butt transformed to italian+ sausage

    Thanks, Mike....and I'm thinking Sally at VNS, and Judy says Hi to mom, if I am correct. Dave
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    Pork butt transformed to italian+ sausage

    WHOOA, I missed a step....Yes, Mike would appreciate the mixer number, please. Wegmans went to 1.49 from 1.29, now up to 1.69. Hope they stop there . We have been in Pittsford opp Naz. for 40 years now...yikes. Dave
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    Cast Iron Pan Restoration

    So, Gary , and anyone else who knows good get to the " better old cast iron product " where in what block of time would one go, for what manufacturer ? I'm really impressed with the restoration and what a pretty piece of work.....excellent and WOW.