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  1. DuaneMac

    Beef ribs on the 4th

    Amazing ribs!
  2. DuaneMac

    Picanha. Duane and Brett and Rich made me do it.

    Wow, that’s quite a feast! Meat’s cooked perfectly!
  3. DuaneMac

    Nathan’s hot dogs and chicken yakitori

    Love Nathan’s! Sabrett’s too!
  4. DuaneMac

    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    That’s exactly what I do. Takes about 45 minutes on the rotisserie, chill, then slice!
  5. DuaneMac

    Picanha advice needed. How to cut for grilling?

    Everything I read said to cut with the grain if you’re doing it on skewers and making into a “C” shape. Did mine on a rotisserie, it really rendered the fat without burning it.
  6. DuaneMac

    Smash Burgers

    Nice burgers! I love an egg on a burger.
  7. DuaneMac

    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    Yes, that “shrimp boil” is making my mouth water! Funny, I just bookmarked this recipe the other day.
  8. DuaneMac

    Major boo-boo with new Q2000

    That paint is fine for the outside, i don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone paint the inside. Not a good idea!
  9. DuaneMac

    Major boo-boo with new Q2000

    You painted the inside?
  10. DuaneMac

    Spicy 🌶 Thai NY Strip and Shrimp

    Great meal! Definitely a flavor profile that I’d enjoy
  11. DuaneMac

    2017 Boy Scouts Weber Patch Set

    I have a set of these, gonna have to do something with them so they can be displayed.
  12. DuaneMac

    My first message....

    Hi Bob, welcome from PA! You came to the right place!
  13. DuaneMac

    Where do you put your pickle(s)?

    @Steve Hoch @EmoryG , I just make “Refrigerator pickles”. They’re easy to make and will last a while in the fridge. I use this recipe for bread and butter pickles, it’s good too. I don’t get into the whole canning/jarring thing. Tons of recipes online for quick pickles. Last batch of bread and...
  14. DuaneMac

    Cheers to Weber fans

    Hi Chris, welcome from PA! This is a fantastic forum, lots of great people and info!
  15. DuaneMac

    Yum Yum Nua Thai beef 🥩 salad

    Perfection! That’s my kind of meal!
  16. DuaneMac

    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    No big get togethers, it’ll probably just be the two of us all weekend. I’m gonna do a tri-tip on Saturday then some kind of fajitas on Sunday. Monday will be St Louis ribs with corn on the cob, potato salad etc. I’m sure there will be some sort of red, white and blue dessert too!
  17. DuaneMac

    Sharpe Smoking Wood Chips

    I also buy the Fruita Wood 2x2, perfect size.
  18. DuaneMac

    Costco sale on LG fridge freezer with two ice makers $2k on sale

    I fear my 2006 KA fridge isn’t long for this world, food is freezing on the top shelf. Ice maker works but won’t dispense. ($$$ to fix) My Frigidaire upright 14 cu.ft. freezer (same age) just died too. Just got a replacement (GE) last week. Good to have frosted mugs again! Next was a trip to...
  19. DuaneMac

    Too hot to grill today. Old school ragu 50/50 beef and pork slow simmered

    We’re big soup lovers too! We love all the 4 seasons we get here in PA but I think Fall and Winter are our favorites.
  20. DuaneMac

    The Humor Thread