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  1. Thom Emery

    SOCal San Diego two WSMs and a Performer Gary is helping the family of a departed brother cook sell his cookers WSMs are 18s $100 each Maybe a discount if you take all three
  2. Thom Emery

    SCA Steak and Taco Cook Off in San Diego Sept 2018 Going to be fun Judges class Ribeyes provided Added category is Tacos
  3. Thom Emery

    SCA Steak Cook Off comes to SoCal this weekend 10/13 in Orange Co Steaks be cookin at the OC fairgrounds this Friday
  4. Thom Emery

    SoCal Backyarder in November It seems this backyard category cook off has been overshadowed by its KCBS big Brother come on down
  5. Thom Emery

    $100,000 Quartzite AZ Jan 22-24 2016!quartzsite-az/c1dt oh thats got to be tempting
  6. Thom Emery

    Franklin BBQ Austin

    take that off the bucket list
  7. Thom Emery

    Oh my yes indeed

    Hey you want my upgraded WSM 22 for $160? Yes indeed I do The kettle pizza oven fits perfectly
  8. Thom Emery

    Sept 17 IBCA Hesperia Ca Early Big Discounts

    You could cook this one with a Weber Kettle Link to entry form below
  9. Thom Emery

    kookerskare comp cooks serving in Joplin Mo Our Brothers and Sisters in smoke need some help serving the folks in Joplin Mo Log in to pay pal and help em out
  10. Thom Emery

    Pit Masters 2 tonight

    You will get plenty of Myron This show is on target for the larger viewing audience I understand Brent Walton has some words of wisdom for Myron in season 2 «
  11. Thom Emery

    BBQ Spaghetti

    Your version of BBQ Spaghetti is one of the best Would you mind sharing it?
  12. Thom Emery

    Where can I get a cool Chicken hat?

    That looks great on you
  13. Thom Emery

    Is it true

    that Mark your teammate is a much better cook than you?
  14. Thom Emery

    Did you buy a

    Thermopen and quit borrowing one from everyone else?
  15. Thom Emery

    Brisket done a lil early

    My 3rd Brisket hit 180 a lil early I am hoping I can hold it in foil in a cooler for 4 hours 2nd Brisket was pot roast 1st was dry This one in the samples I tryed was Just right I guess that makes it a Three Bears Brisket
  16. Thom Emery

    Temp. to foil Brisket

    Hey Guys I have tried Foiling a Brisket based on a clock and pounds and had a nice pot roast. Without foil I have had some good eats But with foil at the right temp I know there is some great eats. What temp do reach before you foil??
  17. Thom Emery

    1st Brisket

    Hey Guys Count me as crazy if you must BUT. I will be doing my 1st Brisket Sunday (6 pounds trimmed from Costco). And I am struck by the thought that BBQ is like Art. I create these Sunday masterpieces or duds. Sometimes a hero sometimes a zero. Anyway 1st Brisket mustard slather simple rub...