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  1. Charles Howse

    Original Kettle lower vent adjustments

    Does anyone have a way to mark the positions of the lower vent so I can make adjustments without taking the lid off or getting underneath the grill to see how far the vent is open? I see how people mark the positions on the "One Touch" system, but I don't have that.
  2. Charles Howse

    Weber & Killer Hogs Dry Rub

    Has anyone tried Weber Dry Rub and found it Really Bland? I tried it on Short Ribs, and had to add Creole Seasoning to get some flavor. Just got some Killer Hogs Rub. What is our opinion of that? I'm thinking I'm gonna like it.
  3. Charles Howse

    Kettle lid really loose

    Hi all, I have an 18.5 WSM, and I know it's not supposed to be air tight. What about my Original Weber Kettle lid? Smoke comes out all around it, and I can move it back and forth about 1/4". Any solutions, or is this trivial?
  4. Charles Howse

    Royal Oak Lump vs Kingsford

    Hi Gang! It's a beautiful day to be alive and be in Tennessee!!!! I usually use 1 chimney of KB for Brats on the grill. All I could find today was Royal Oak Lump. If I could get an answer on this before 6 pm Central time, that would be great! How much RO Lump equals a full chimney of Kingsford...
  5. Charles Howse

    Sticky Vent

    Hello All! the top vent on my Weber Original Kettle 22" is very difficult to turn. Is there a way to loosen it up a little that doesn't involve a "non-food grade" substance like WD40? Or is that kind of stuff ok to use on my kettle?
  6. Charles Howse

    Compatible smoke woods

    Hello All! Just wondering if we have a list or know of one that lists which smoke wood compliments another smoke wood. i.e. Pecan and Cherry under a chicken, or Oak and Hickory under a Boston Butt.
  7. Charles Howse

    Linux users?

    Hi, anyone here use Linux as your daily driver??
  8. Charles Howse

    DONE with Best Buy

    Most of you know that I worked at Best Buy for 3 yrs in the Computer Sales dept. I've tried to buy and order from them when I could, but this is it, I'M DONE WITH BEST BUY...FOREVER! I ordered a new Solid State drive for my computer. It arrived today...without any packing material in the box...
  9. Charles Howse

    Danny Gaulden's Secret BBQ Sauce

    Has anyone tried this? How much does the recipe make? Ingredients: 2 sticks oleo or butter 24 oz. Heinz ketchup 1 small ...about 7 oz. bottle Heinz 57 1 onion chopped 1 bell pepper chopped 1 clove garlic -- chopped 1 TBS French's mustard 1/3 cup Lea & Perrins Worcestershire 1 tsp. paprika 3...
  10. Charles Howse

    Replacing Dampers on 2005 WSM

    I have the Weber Damper Replacement kit, but they must think that ALL dampers are secured with a screw and locknut. My '05 WSM has rivets. I don't have a grinder; what size drill bit should I use to drill out the rivets, or is there an easier way to replace them?
  11. Charles Howse

    Got my griddle!

    I got the 16 x 9 reversable Lodge. May not get to use it today, supposed to storm. My first attempt at using the griddle will be burgers on the 22" original kettle. The question is do I light the fire like I would if I weren't going to use the griddle? I usually use 3/4 to 1 chimney of lit...
  12. Charles Howse


    When are Kingsford 2 x 20 on sale at Lowes and Home Depot? I'm almost out!!! :cry:
  13. Charles Howse

    Smoking Mac N Cheese on Weber Kettle

    Hi! Merry Christmas! I need to run my kettle indirect at 350* for about an hour or so. What is the minimum number of Kingsford Blue Briquettes I should use?
  14. Charles Howse

    Help with non traditional tamales

    Greetings, and Merry Christmas to all! I want to make a BUNCH of tamales for Christmas, but I want to do it different (read:easier). I want to use Pulled Pork BBQ, Red Sauce from a jar or can to mix with the meat. Masa para Tamales with lard instead of the stock from boiling the meat, plus...
  15. Charles Howse

    Non-Traditional Thanksgiving meal

    This might be the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever cooked!! From top left: Bacon, everything is better with, Bacon, Bacon Potato Salad, You can't believe how good this is till you make it 15 peeled hard-boiled eggs after spending about 20 mins over Hickory smoke. Bacon Deviled Eggs, featuring...
  16. Charles Howse

    My all-time best chili

    It was very cool, misty rain and windy this morning. Better now... ESPECIALLY since I made the best pot of chili ever!! For a DOUBLE BATCH, abt. 12 servings... INGREDIENTS 2 cans (16 oz) BUSH'S® Chili Beans (1 mild, 1 Medium) 4 tbsp oil or Lard 2 lbs ground Chuck 2 large onions, chopped 3...
  17. Charles Howse

    Pulled. Chicken Sammie's with a great sauce

    Made Last night with an Eastern Carolina Sauce. They were "Special Good". 2 cups Cider vinegar 1 Tbsp Crushed Red Pepper 1 Tbsp Texas Pete hot sauce (I had Crystal, so I used that) One teaspoon of ground black pepper One teaspoon of...
  18. Charles Howse

    Question about charcoal baskets

    If I get the charcoal baskets on my 22 in it doesn't have flip up sides to the cooking grate so how do I add charcoal mid cook??
  19. Charles Howse

    PERFECT Smoked Bologna on the Kettle

    5 lb chub of Bar-S Bologna. Kinda following this tutorial for a short low and slow. Things worked out really good after the heat came up on the grill. Oak and Pecan. The rub was perfect...Sweet...
  20. Charles Howse

    What kind of tree is this?

    I searched with Google Image Search Reverse, but it came back with "grass". It's not grass, haha. I think it's a member of the oak family, but don't see any nuts on the ground...that may be because of the time of year.