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    Bone In Bone Out

    When I have smoked pork butt up til now I have always got my butcher to prepare it bone out. Knowing that usually meat gets a lot of flavor when cooked with the bone in I thought I would do my next butt with the bone in. I intend to smoke with a smoker temp of around 300F. The reason for this...
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    Dark Chocolate and Chili Cookies

    INGREDIENTS * 2 cups all-purpose flour * 1/2 teaspoon baking soda * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted * 1 cup packed brown sugar * 1/2 cup white sugar * 1 tablespoon vanilla extract * 1 egg * 1 egg yolk * 2 cups dark chocolate chips...
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    Chili and Ginger cookies

    INGREDIENTS * 1/2 cup white sugar * 3/4 cup unsalted butter * 1 egg white * 2 tablespoons corn syrup * 3 tablespoons chopped Stem ginger * 1 Fresh Jalapeno chili (seeds in or out, more or less as you like, different variety maybe) very finely chopped * 2 cups...
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    Pork Butt and Chicken- Will this work.

    I will have a 5lb pork butt and 4 whole chickens which I will smoke for a party on Sat 14 April. Will this work? Going to start the butt at 8am on the top grate with smoke wood, then about 2pm put the chickens on the bottom grate and add more smoke wood. Hope to have everything ready for...
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    Spare ribs with meat.

    In Switzerland the butchers used to sell spare ribs with most of the belly meat still on and only the skin removed. My butcher will do that for me here. Anyone any ideas about smoking them this way. How much fat to leave. What other prep. would be necessary. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Lots of chiles to use up. Any ideas.

    I have just started taking the last of our chiles off their plants as the growing season seems to be coming to an end here. We are growing Jalapeno Summer Heat and an italian variety. The one we have most of is the Jalapeno Summer Heat. We have used them for a number of things but are still...
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    Smoking Tuna and Swordfish

    I have just got some fresh small tuna (about 2lbs with head, tail removed and gutted). I was interested in possibly smoking them in some way. I have never smoked fish yet in the smoker and hoped someone might have some ideas. I also have some small swordfish (part cuts almost like a piece of...
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    Corned beef/pastrami

    I have heard from US friends how good pastrami is on Sandwiches. Only had the chance to try it once myself and remember it with pleasure. Would like to try making some myself. I have been curing and smoking bacon with success. Now I need some help and advice on how to go about curing and...
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    Naan Bread

    Ingredients 150ml hand-hot Milk 2 tsp caster sugar 2 tsp dried active Yeast 450g plain flour 0.5 tsp Salt 1 tsp Baking powder 2 tbsp vegetable oil, plus a little extra 150ml natural yogurt, lightly beaten 1 large egg, lightly beaten Method 1. Put the milk in a bowl. Add 1 tsp of the sugar, and...
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    Kashmiri Meatballs

    After trying Kevin's Gyro meat (which was great) thought some of you might like to try this one I found and have enjoyed from Indian TV recipes. Ingredients 900g minced lamb 4 x 0.25 cm ginger root 1 tbsp ground cumin 1 tbsp ground coriander 0.25 tsp ground cloves 0.25 tsp ground cinnamon...
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    Blue Cheese Cheesecake

    Got the recipe from a TV program in UK. Have adapted it a little. I think it is worth a try if you like blue cheese. I tried it with Danish Blue, but found the result to strong for me. Enjoy. Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Sticky Figs Ingredients For the cheesecake 250g digestive biscuits...
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    Smoking mutton

    I have got a boned leg of mutton in the freezer and am thinking of smoking it for a group of friends who are coming round in a couple of weeks. As anyone got any good ideas about temps, length of time, rubs, mops, etc. Would be very happy to recieve any ideas and input.
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    My bacon cure arrived at last.

    Well, the All Purpose Curing Salt arrived last Friday (with not much in the way of Info. apart that you use 15gms per kilo, 1.5% usage, contains salt, E251 (sodium nitrate), E250 (sodium nitrite) not alot of help there) and with the help of Kevin Kruger I was able to start curing my first two...
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    Pasta recipe from Sicily using good smoked bacon.

    Pasta from Sicily. Because of the quality of bacon I read about in the forum I thought this might go well in the pork section. Local Sicilian version of Carbonara (sometimes known as ten ingredient pasta) Very rich. Usually only made for special occasions. Ingredients- About 100gms. of...
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    Ginger and honey ice cream

    Try this Ginger and Honey Ice Cream I have been making ice cream for a while and having always liked ginger and honey had made separately honey ice cream and a ginger ice cream. One day had a scoop of both on the plate and thought they really went well together. After more experimenting came...
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    My favourite cake-Ginger Cake with Lemon Icing

    This is with no doubt my favorite cake out of all the cakes my wife makes. It is too good to keep just for myself. Ingredients 5 pieces preserved stem ginger in syrup, chopped 2 tablespoons ginger syrup (from jar of stem ginger in syrup) (In the US I am not sure if you call it stem ginger or...
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    Got back from the south of Italy a couple of months ago. Have been making my own Lemoncello for a number of years using vodka and it has been OK. Using juice and skin plus different combo's of water, sugar, etc. While on vacation there called in a small pizza place near the toe of Italy one...