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    Smoked chuck roast without foil?

    I have about 10.5lbs of chuck roast I am looking to smoke for a party this weekend. I'm not really big on cooking in foil and was wondering if you can still get good results smoking chuck roast without foiling it partway through. I will still rest it in foil for a couple hours afterwards. I was...
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    I just saw one of these at Walmart this past weekend. The sides have a series of slots stamped in them for more air flow. I was wondering if anyone had used one yet and how it compares to the large Weber chimney? Kind of makes me want to enlarge / increase the number of the air holes in my...
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    "Tuning" plate for WSM?

    I regularly cook on the bottom grate of my 18.5 and quickly learned that i cannot put anything outside of the waterpan on the bottom grate unless i want jerky. The top grate is less critical but there still seems to be a difference. This got me to wondering if one could make a plate with holes...
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    Favorite gourmet system insert?

    I ordered a new Copper Performer Deluxe last week and I have been trying to decide which gourmet system insert I should buy first. Initially I was thinking the pizza stone, but am now second guessing that with the other pizza cooking items out there. What insert(s) do you find yourself using...
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    kingsford natural lump briquettes?

    Has anyone else seen these things in the store? I'm curious if they really are like lump charcoal for high heat. I ran across them in the local Hyvee but they were about a dollar per pound so I resisted. https://www.kingsford.com/products/100-natural-lump-briquets/
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    V rack or straight on the grate?

    I will be smoking a total of 4 turkeys next holiday weekend, 2 at a time. I have one V-rack i could use, is that a better way to cook than straight on the cooking grate? I've never used it for turkey before, just ribs.
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    Swap grates 1/2 way through?

    I am considering cooking two turkeys at once this year high heat with an empty Piedmont pan setup. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to swap the turkeys top to bottom halfway through the cooking process to get even cooking, or is that not necessary? I don't have handles on my 18.5's...
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    Two charcoal grates in the 14.5?

    With the small charcoal capacity in the 14.5 plus the limited space for ash underneath I was contemplating getting a 2nd charcoal grate to keep the small pieces from falling through and maybe giving me a little extra ash space. Has anyone done this, and which grate did you use? On the 18.5 the...
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    cooking on middle grate?

    I've ran across a few threads about vertically cooking a turkey on the middle grate for more even cooking but does that apply to horizontally cooked turkeys as well? Last year I did 3 turkeys and did them all on the top grate (didn't have the middle grate installed yet) but I'm considering...
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    External 14.5 heat shield?

    I just got my 14.5 WSM on a Walmart clearance sale over the weekend and did the first cook on it Saturday night. I set it right on the ground in the back yard and it scorched the grass all the way to the ground. Has anyone made a heat shield to mimic the ones on the new 18.5 and the 22.5? I'm...
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    14.5's on clearance

    Just saw some 14.5s on clearance for $160 at my local Walmart. Sooooo tempted....
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    What size steamer rack for 18.5" ?

    I am looking to get a steamer rack to put on the top grate of my 18.5, will the 17 3/4" size work or do I need to step down to the 14 3/4" size? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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    Dome gauge wayyyyy off.

    I was cooking a chicken last night on the 18.5 and thought I would just check the gauge to the thermapen. I was running 300F according to the dome gauge and when I stuck the thermapen in the vent for a few minutes it settled in around 389F. That was the first time I had checked it at that...
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    Top vent shield?

    I have an extra lid vent on my WSM for poultry cooks. The last time i used it I noticed that the chicken on one side had cooked faster than the other side. I forget which was which but there was a noticeable difference in meat temps. That got me to wondering if all the airflow on one half of...
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    2 Chimneys + lump = oops.

    I had gotten in the habit on high heat cooks of starting both chimneys of lump in the base of my WSM over the winter. A week or two ago I smoked some wings and meatloaf so I set things up like usual. It was a very still night and when I went out to check the fire things were roaring and the...
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    Why am I getting near black chicken skin?

    I have smoked chicken pieces several times in my WSM and almost every time the skin comes out very dark brown or almost black, but not totally crisp. I run an empty water pan, no foil and shoot for between 325 and 350 lid temp. I also added a 2nd lid vent to cook at higher temps. On some cooks...
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    Best ham to double smoke?

    I will be smoking a ham for a family party this weekend and decided I dont have the time to smoke a fresh cured ham so I will go with a ready to eat ham. Should I be concerned about a spiral ham drying out on the smoker if I am just reheating it? Ive read the article on the main website about...
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    First big cook coming up this weekend

    I've been to smoke brisket and a pork butt or two for a family party this Saturday. It will be my first brisket cook so I am a bit nervous about that. It is supposed to be a 12lb packer, and I am going to do it low and slow around 250F. I am going to do a salt and pepper rub with some onion and...
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    Learned my Craigslist lesson.

    A month or so I was poking around on CL and found a 22.5 WSM for sale about an hour from me for $175. I already have a 18.5 but thought I could keep another one at the old man's house so Im not hauling mine around as much. He was going to look into it but got busy and when he got around to...
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    Where do you light your chimney?

    I usually fire up my chimney on the charcoal grate of my WSM for convenience, but it makes setting up for the minion method difficult without another place to temporarily set the burning chimney of coals while dumping the unlit in the WSM. I have tried setting it on the grate of the mid section...