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  1. Timothy F. Lewis

    Haul out Saturday!

    Having the floors refinished so, EVERYTHING must get out of the way Thank God for my wife’s son and his buddy! My niece and brother in law were here lugging stuff too! The butt was almost 12# and I ended up running a touch hotter than normal but the end result was lovely. Potato salad, macaroni...
  2. Timothy F. Lewis

    Torrid Tuesday Twirling!

    It was 94 with a heat index of 104 this evening! this is what I call “Africa Hot” and the less movement I can do in this the more time I can be sweating less! I got this 5# bird out to do last night but, the post garage door cocktail hour ran long. I did the under the bird baby potato project...
  3. Timothy F. Lewis

    Happy birthday feast!

    18+# brisket for wife‘s sons birthday! Not as good as the last one but, it was still pretty darned good! Mac and cheese, beans, modified recipe from Joan’s coleslaw, still needs work but, pears were excellent. They need to be larger chunks than the “small dice” I used. Should be more chunky...
  4. Timothy F. Lewis

    Anyone do chicken feet?

    A friend sent me a picture of a package of them marked “chicken paws” and was grossed out by them but, I know many cultures enjoy them with great gusto. Have any of you done them? The price seemed ridiculous to me, $2.29/lb.? As bad as friggin’ wings!
  5. Timothy F. Lewis

    Wow, third rate products,

    Some time back I ordered some enameled tin mugs from a company I had hoped would reflect the quality of the name they were invoking in the company. Sadly, I have been disappointed in three out of four purchases. The initial four mugs were poorly screen printed and the type is failing. The...
  6. Timothy F. Lewis

    Will some people NEVER understand?!

    Just witnessed something which just made me shake my head… This guy filled his chimney and proceeded to dump half a cup of lighter fluid on top! God, keep my mouth shut! I just don’t understand how people just don’t read the basics of how to do it. I suppose that’s how daddy did it.
  7. Timothy F. Lewis

    One more meatloaf (or two)

    This is the fun tonight! another foray into the true Grits world And a peach cobbler! Next time I’ll make ice cream for it! Seven for dinner and there are precious few crumbs left! It was delicious!
  8. Timothy F. Lewis

    I. Pretty sure this has been talked about but,

    Has anyone used one of the “Grillbot” grill cleaners? I will be the first to admit I might not be the most aggressive grate cleaner, just curious if anyone of you folks may have any insight as to the effiacy of the thing. $140.00 seems like a lot for a toy if it doesn’t work. Any Opinions? I...
  9. Timothy F. Lewis

    Busy JW birthday Party!

    The party was a ball but so busy I only got a picture if the “True Grits Brûlée”!Drizzled with a maple syrup bourbon glaze then topper with turbinado sugar and torched. Big hit! Today will be tending graves, and maybe the flank steak which I didn’t do yesterday.
  10. Timothy F. Lewis

    Prepped for 8 two cancelled!

    Had not done any country style ribs in forever! Never made cheese grits before, test run in a second kettle with the Vortex The smoked stuffed manicotti needs work, the grits were a huge hit! CSR were delightful, nice evening all in all! The chicken was done with the Vortex, CSR basic indirect...
  11. Timothy F. Lewis

    Another Saturday night…

    I got set up last night and touched things off first thing this morning. Turned out very nicely. Joan, the grape Cole slaw was delicious, I think I will sub pears for grapes and bump the bleu cheese. I’m feeling very full and food coma like.
  12. Timothy F. Lewis

    Sous Vide from frozen?

    Has anyone here done anything using the Sous vide unit from frozen? I have a cryo packed leg of lamb that I want to cook tomorrow, just wondering if anyone has any experience doing that. It’s factory cryo, so, I can’t do much as far as marinade at this point but, I’m thinking ahead. Maybe I will...
  13. Timothy F. Lewis

    Another Saturday Night…

    Well, it will be, Mississippi pot roast going in the crock pot. Sous Vide tri tip Texas Twinkies Wings waiting for rub more to come, if I remember!
  14. Timothy F. Lewis

    Another Saturday dinner with the kids

    Simple dinner last night, Texas Twinkies and appetizers are ready (should have made more) The pork was really moist, perfect picnic table weather so, it was a delightful day!
  15. Timothy F. Lewis

    A visit from Mr. B

    Dinner went off without much of any misses! Even had a visit from the Easter bunny who made a few kids very happy! and dinner was smooth!
  16. Timothy F. Lewis

    Meatloaves for Cliff and Bob

    Last night I shared a drink with some of the friends that have passed in the last few weeks. I’d like to think they all would have enjoyed dinner. grilled shrimp, pierogi, beets, creamed spinach, meatloaves. (Those looked prettier before the bacon crumbled during slicing) Cheers guys you will...
  17. Timothy F. Lewis

    Battery powered chainsaws

    Well, this is about as “Just conversation” as I can get. I don’t need a massive chainsaw but, I do find I find one might be very handy from time to time, I have some nasty mulberry saplings which need to be dispatched and small trimming projects which I need to address from time to time. Do any...
  18. Timothy F. Lewis

    12 degree ribs

    Started by cleaning snow, then set up the WSM for action: The rolled three racks : Lighting things off for a sidewinder minion about 09:30 I will update through the cook.
  19. Timothy F. Lewis

    First Peruvian chicken of the year.

    I’m trying to make some space in the freezer, these were on the top. I’ll work my way down carefully, I’m not “Just using up” the SRF brisket or the 8+lb. standing rib roast simply because it’s there, I need a celebration for those. Niece has requested ribs and a pork bomb for her return party...
  20. Timothy F. Lewis

    Not quite a grilled project but, it’s almost feeling like spring!

    Granddaughter spent the night so, I made this for Grandma and sweetie for breakfast in bed! I didn’t get a shot right from the oven and the Girls were too hungry and dove right in!