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  1. Rich G

    KettlePizza 1st attempt

    Weird, I use my mom's old oven stone that she had when I was a kid, never an issue (and it gets a LOT of use!) I wonder what kind of formulation the thing is, no markings on it, so no way of even knowing who made it. I've even used it in my pellet grill with no issues. @Joe Zoots, sorry you...
  2. Rich G

    Working towards Monday Al Pastor

    I could totally be in PA for dinner tomorrow! :) Looking good, Coach! R
  3. Rich G

    Hopping on the pizza 🍕 train!

    Those are some great looking pies, and I like the toppings you put on them! I'm telling you, 2022 is the Summer of Pizza!! :) R
  4. Rich G

    Tacos 🌮 🌮 🌮 carne asada and pollo asado!

    Looks fantastic, Brett! I am wondering, though, why you put okra in your rice!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Rich G

    My Nephew Requested Pizza (go figure!)

    I'll let y'all tell me when to stop!! :) Same dough, did the full 1 hour preheat at 400° this time, and I think I still need a slightly longer preheat. Four pies, and the last one was the best cooked pie...... The new combination was a "Spanish" pizza with chorizo (Spanish, not Mexican)...
  6. Rich G

    Franklin pit email

    Can be arranged, just need your address. ;)
  7. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    Thanks, Tim. We're all good. 95% contained, no wind today, will be fully out tomorrow. All Evac orders and warnings were lifted yesterday.
  8. Rich G

    Bobby from the Bay Area

    Welcome from Redwood City, Bobby! Where about in the Bay Area are ya?? (Don't need your address, just generally where ya at?) :) Rich
  9. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    That was taken from the freeway that's on the other side of the hill from me. Here's a map (the map doesn't accurately show the 20 acres of the fire, but it was virtually all in Edgewood Park). It's worth noting, by the way, that another of our members here has a family member who was close...
  10. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    Thanks, Andy. I'm in Redwood City near Canada College. It was darned hot!!! Super response from local FD's and CalFire saved a lot of homes! R
  11. Rich G

    Redhead Performer (San Mateo, CA)

    Indeed.....this one showed up on NextDoor a week or so ago.....again, for free!
  12. Rich G

    Pork Loin with cilantro and garlic

    It STILL looks great, Dan!! 😎 I think I have cooked this twice since you first posted it. It’s a winner!! R
  13. Rich G

    Redhead Performer (San Mateo, CA)

    This was posted on NextDoor 7 hours ago (so around 10:15p local), and is gone.....looks like it would have been worth being in the dog house!!! Price? Free!
  14. Rich G

    Bagels - First time

    Joe, I've experienced similar "deflation" when I make boiled bagels. And while I recognize that every New Yorker will hate me for saying this.....I think I've figured out that I don't like boiled bagels as much. (Ducks for cover!) 🤣🤣 I don't have a solution for you, but I am going to try out...
  15. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    About 12 years of practice, Tim.... :)
  16. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    I keep trying to smoke spaghetti.....falls through the grates! :)
  17. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    I baked the bread the day before, Joan......not that I wouldn't have baked yesterday..... :) R
  18. Rich G

    Kettle Pizza Bread

    I did this a couple of years ago on a particularly hot day (POSTED HERE), and with the recent heat here, I used this setup to bake my weekly bread batch again. Pretty much the same setup..... Step one, roll out ol' Red and get some briqs going Once those were lit, they were dumped over about...
  19. Rich G

    Lebanese Kofta Kebabs - wish me luck

    Brett, I've never made these, but, just looking at your ground meat skewers from a structural perspective, your thickness near the edge of the skewer seems to taper down and so there's not much meat surrounding the edge? Optical illusion? Maybe a more even thickness of meat, especially at the...
  20. Rich G

    Basil Pesto

    Bill, I've only made enough that I needed to save it once, and I froze it.....worked beautifully! If I'm keeping it in the fridge (probably a week is the max), I make sure to press some cling film tightly onto the surface of the pesto to reduce contact with oxygen as much as possible. This...