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  1. Greg in Utah

    Some Chicken and ‘gus

    I stuffed a yardbird with lemon, rosemary and garlic. The plan was to throw it on the rotisserie. Then I found some good looking asparagus at the store so plans changed. The outside of the bird got a rub with SPG turmeric and paprika and I cooked it between 2 baskets of coals. Gus went on top...
  2. Greg in Utah

    Smokey Joe Burger Night

    Using my modified Silver for the cooking and the Gold for lighting the chimney.
  3. Greg in Utah

    Country Style Ribs

    I don’t stumble across these all that often. It’s a great cut of meat. Looks to be a shoulder that met a band saw. Same tasty piggy 🐷 as a pork butt or pork steak, This pic is after the first hour and a spritz of apple juice + apple cider vinegar. Rub is just me throwing the basics on it, SPOG...
  4. Greg in Utah

    Huli Huli Chicken cook I ‘ve had the above link bookmarked for a while and figured it was time to make the chicken . The page includes recipes for a brine, a rub and a sauce . I figured it looked like enough work that I was going to make 2...
  5. Greg in Utah

    Habichuelas guisadas, tri-tip with chimichurri and tomato & cucumber salad.

    I was too lazy (drinking IPAs) to get the grilling shots, but it was good. Also grilled some Greek chicken sausages for lunch tomorrow (y)
  6. Greg in Utah

    Cilantro, Serrano & Lime marinated pork chops
  7. Greg in Utah

    Thermapen Dot probes

    I just had my second Dot probe fail in less than 2 years . Has anyone had better luck or have you found a more durable alternative probe ? This Dot is only used indoors and it is disappointing to see this level of fragility on a Thermapen product.
  8. Greg in Utah

    Green Chile Cheeseburgers

    Require the use of an old green kettle. It’s the law.
  9. Greg in Utah

    It’s National Bacon Day!

    I guess I’m cooking breakfast for dinner (y) Breakfast with beer, oh yeah!
  10. Greg in Utah

    Christmas Eve - Vortex thighs for lunch

    Salvadoran rice + green beans = worth waiting until 3 PM to eat lunch. I gotta eat! Everyone have a Merry Christmas!
  11. Greg in Utah

    Making chili and grilling pork chops

    One of my quirks is I don’t like browning meat indoors. So I decided to use a kettle to render bacon and brown some cubed up chuck roast for a pot of chili 🌶. After browning the meat it was time to cook the double thickness pork chops.
  12. Greg in Utah

    Turkey en Cocotte

    You could easily do this in a Dutch Oven on the grill. If you are a gravy freak, you’ll really like this.
  13. Greg in Utah

    Chicken Wings and Stuffed Pork Chops

    I took advantage of some unseasonably warm weather today and washed windows (outside) and did some other chores. By 1 PM the blueberry pancakes I’d eaten for breakfast were fading. That meant I had the now rare chance to grill in daylight. A russet potato and some wings dusted with Sweet Rub...
  14. Greg in Utah

    Issue attaching photos?

    I’ve tried to do a post 2 separate times tonight, 30 minutes apart and I cannot upload photos. There’s an error that says oops. has anyone else been able to upload photos this evening?
  15. Greg in Utah

    de Buyer 9.5” omelette pan followed me home

    I’ve never owned a dedicated omelette pan and for some reason , I decided I needed one. My kitchen has been Teflon free for many years, so seasoned carbon steel and cast iron have been used for for eggs. My outdoor burner was used yesterday to lay down an initial 3 coats of seasoning, with...
  16. Greg in Utah

    Organic Chickens

    I’m 55, and for at least 54 years I’ve really liked chicken. This year however, when I cooked a whole chicken I ended up giving most of the white meat to the dogs. Brining helps, and I’m not overcooking the meat. At first, I figured it was me, and that my sense of taste had changed. The texture...
  17. Greg in Utah

    Rotisserie Sheeken

    Snow is supposed to start around midnight (BOO) and the wind is gusting from all directions. Decided to break out the Weber rotisserie for the 22” kettle and spin a yardbird over some Royal Oak Lump. The bird was brined 24 hours and the cavity has 2 lemons and 6 cloves of garlic stuffed inside...
  18. Greg in Utah

    Kettle + Vortex Tandoori Chicken

    I held off on buying a Vortex because I have lots of other toys err... grilling accessories. With that being said, I'm finding uses for it. Looking for some inspiration over @, I saw a Tandoori chicken recipe and decided to try it. The only changes I made was to salt the...
  19. Greg in Utah

    Puerto Rican style adobo seasoning

    This seasoning mix is outstanding on pork and poultry. 2 TBS Kosher Salt 2 tsp granulated garlic 2 tsp black pepper 2 tsp oregano 1 tsp turmeric