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  1. BobH-SCW

    Free Genesis 1000 in Westford MA

    Thats why I left!
  2. BobH-SCW

    Free Genesis 1000 in Westford MA

    wish I was still living in Ma
  3. BobH-SCW

    GrillGun by GrillBlazer

    I used up my cube supply and am currently using Fire Lighters wife gets from work-Ace. Work well and cheaper.
  4. BobH-SCW

    The Irony of It All

    Rich you're right bone dry everywhere in our state. I'll be thinking of you tonight as I fire up my Performer and do a couple of steaks-been awhile. They just had an article in local paper about how easy it would be to start a wildfire right next to us in the Agua Fria rover bed. All that dry...
  5. BobH-SCW

    Happy Mother’s Day Joan!!

    Happy Mother' Day Joan! And to all the mothers out there-enjoy you're special day!
  6. BobH-SCW

    70th Anniversary Kettle is Available

    Not happening here either. WAAY too much for a kettle
  7. BobH-SCW

    New Traegers

    I'll stick with my little Pro 575. So far so good no complaints.
  8. BobH-SCW

    Where to purchase Weber Summit Kamado?

    A local Ace store near you might match it. Just gotta ask-most of them don't floorpan those due to cost, although mine here carry the BGE's-not sure why
  9. BobH-SCW

    22 inch performer kettle

    I don't have the balls to drill mine either! Which would be belt felt to buy? Good excuse for a proper cleanup before install too.
  10. BobH-SCW

    RIP: Bob Correll

    R.I.P. Bob. You were very helpful to me when I first joined the forum and had grill restoration questions. As Jon alluded to, friends on this board are indeed real friends even though we don't meet. A McBob is an appropriate sendoff! Godspeed!
  11. BobH-SCW

    Count me in as a fan of Winco Charcoal.

    Might have to give it a shot-one about 5 miles down the road from me here in Az
  12. BobH-SCW

    Well...the ol’ Smokefire did me well

    I don't have one either-but as Rich I make sure I clean out my Traeger after each cook and start out the next with a clean firepot. Don't need any headaches.
  13. BobH-SCW

    SmokeFire makes us proud!

    I 'm with Jon-Weber should revolutionize pellet kettles and establish their own new trend. They'd own the market probably.
  14. BobH-SCW

    SmokeFire makes us proud!

    Agree with the above-been very happy with my 575, knock on wood no issues, great controller, very satisfied. But if I was to start out again I would go CC as well. Weber should stick to kettles and gas.
  15. BobH-SCW

    Winner: 2021 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    Great Christmas present -congrats Nathan!
  16. BobH-SCW

    Best Grill Ever?

    Love my 2002 Silver A-for most uses I don't think there's a more versatile daily use grill. Very efficient gas use, seems to run forever on a tank. Heats up quick, cooks everything well-and with my ss grate and flavor bars from RCPB along with a 3 y.o. cookbox replaced by Weber it will probably...
  17. BobH-SCW

    Two Custom Master Touch Kettles

    Jon, I would be interested too in your assessment on the diffuser-I found the Napoleon one listed for $75.99 as well and might be interested. I never sprung for a SnS due to cost-I've been using 3 fire bricks along with baskets which work fine. BTW I have the Napoleon baskets which are quite a...
  18. BobH-SCW

    Fried Chicken

    Another recipe to try on the kettle! Looks great!!
  19. BobH-SCW

    Two Custom Master Touch Kettles

    Very nice kettles Jon. I might try that seal method myself-just have to give it a real good cleaning like you said. I bet you could also use that seal type on a pellet grill.
  20. BobH-SCW

    39 Wonderful Years Together

    Belated congrats and Happy Anniversary Rich and Barb!!