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  1. James J

    Organizing a small bbq competition

    Tony, you are always welcome on my team! I am competing in Morris Illinois on June 18. We met briefly at the first annual TVWBB event at Chain O’Lakes State park. I had to leave early, and you had just arrived up from Chicago. I can always use someone to hold the tongs!🤣🤣 But seriously, you...
  2. James J

    First KP Pizza of '22

    I thought about this ahead of time and replaced mine with aluminum extensions that I milled. Also had to grind down the tabs on the lid holder to get them on. See pic…
  3. James J

    RIP: Cliff Bartlett

    Very sorry to hear of Cliff’s passing. I admired his cooks and comments. I also missed him and had searched for him… hoping not to find this out. I always felt honored when he commented on my cooks.
  4. James J

    2nd Annual TVWBB Upper Midwest Meet?

    Hey all! I had a great time meeting everyone at last years event. It doesn’t look like it will happen again this year, but I have an alternative for any of you in the area. I’ll be competing in the Morris IL KCBS sanctioned Rhythm and BBQ Festival on Sat June 18. I would love to see any of...
  5. James J

    How many years to expect from dishwasher ?

    I agree Lynn.
  6. James J

    April Madness Nachos

    Looks awesome! It's a lot better than what I ate back in college.... Mr. Fritter pork patties! They were 5 for $1.00 back then!
  7. James J

    Catering amount Check out this link for comparison.
  8. James J

    RIP: Bob Correll

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Bob's passing. I learned so much from his posts; especially how to make bacon. Thanks for sharing the news and pictures Jim.
  9. James J

    Heyhey from Jayjay in west Chi-town!

    Welcome! There's quite a few of us in the Chi-Town area!
  10. James J

    Competition Ready

    Nice looking boxes Kelly! Sorry to hear the results were not as good as you were hoping for. It’s tough under those conditions. I’ve been there…
  11. James J

    Competition Ready

    Looks Amazing!
  12. James J

    Pork steak, grill direct or indirect ?

    There is a family that has several Mexican restaurant locations in the norther suburbs of Chicago. Year's ago we asked the chef about his seasonings, and he brought out the same one!
  13. James J

    You know you're getting old when...

    Larry’s new phone thread reminded me that I know I’m getting old when I miss my old Motorola Brick!
  14. James J

    WORDLE - the latest thing

    Ummm, no you didn’t…
  15. James J

    Poor Man's Burnt Ends

    Thanks for bringing this post back up Chuck. I’ve done this several more times since then with good results. How did yours turn out?
  16. James J

    49ers tacos!

    I think he heard you Jim and is saying goodbye!
  17. James J

    Need y'all's opinion

    That’s what I do!…
  18. James J

    Bison Tri-Tip

    This looks like the obvious choice to me!
  19. James J

    The Humor Thread

  20. James J

    The Humor Thread Chris posted this link a while back.