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    Thanks to a wonderful bunch of folks…

    I’ve been rattling around this forum for nearly eighteen years now. I’ve been a pot stirrer, a needle threader, a student, a contributor (I hope), but mostly as a lurker. 1: Thanks to Chris for fathering and successfully managing this “family”, and maintaining the house. 2: Thanks to...
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    Cat for Christmas?

    Just sitting here doing some curmudgeonly cogitating. The kids want a cat for Christmas. I was planning on doing a turkey but if a cat is what they want, hey I’ll give it try. 😉
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    McCormick seasonings...

    Stumbled upon this. Several pages, may interest some.
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    Nice Move Chris...

    Going though FB and read of transition to new server(?). Came to check things out. Very nice!
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    July News Letter

    From the July News Letter... "And I'm just three contests away from earning Master Certified Barbecue Judge status!" Does this mean that we may now call Chris, "Sensei"?:confused:
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    Montreal Grilled Potato Salad

    Our new go to potato salad. Montreal Grilled Potato Salad 2 lb medium red potatoes, pierced with fork 1 medium onion, cut into 1/2-inch slices 1 large red bell pepper, quartered 2 ribs celery 3 T olive oil 3/4 C mayonnaise 2 t McCormick® Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning Microwave...
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    Idle Curiosity

    Whilst on a mission to replace one of my favorite coffee mugs, , I was wandering if Chris knows what his best seller over the years has been?
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    Degree symbol "°" refresher

    On a PC, [alt+167] and on iPad, upper case zero (0). °. 350°F
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    Saw a FB post for SWINEAPPLE which sounds interesting and the pic looked awesome. Hollowed out pineapple, Stuffed with boneless county style ribs rubbed with homemade seasoning, Wrapped in thick sliced bacon, Sprinkled with a light...
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    Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings w/ Sriracha Mayo

    Gonna have to do these! Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings with Sriracha Mayo Dipping Sauce Recipe by An easy appetizer recipe for bacon wrapped onion rings. Prep time: 00:15 Cook time: 01:30 Total time: 01:45: Ingredients 1 pack Bacon 4-5 Sweet Onions 2 T Black Pepper 1/2...
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    Georgia > Conyers: Mad Dog's BBQ

    4489 Highway 20 SE Conyers, GA 30013 (770) 922-2272 Great sauces, shredded pork, and brisket.
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    Apple Brine and then? WSM or Rotisserie on Kettle?

    Big gathering this Thanksgiving. I have been put in charge of Turkeys! So, one will be traditional oven cooked for the less-adventurous and the other WILL BE Apple Brined. My dilemma...WSM or Kettle Rottiserie? Will use apple smoke wood either way, have had excellent results both ways. Just...
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    Smoke Chasing...combining two luvs

    So, I posted over in the General section but suspect that most smokers don't get over there often. SWMBO and I recently bought a Spyder RT. That led to looking for rydes to take. Found this which I suspect might appeal to the smokers on this site, Smoke Chasing 2011 (SWMBO = She Who Must Be...
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    Late start for Smoke Day but...

    Hey, I'm off tomorrow. Have a butt with my mocha rub, a brisket flat with "Goode Co. Hall of Flame" brisket rub AND a corned beef with only ground pepper (can you say pastrami?). Just went on, 2200 here (10p ET). Will now sleep on it. If all goes well, I shouldn't have to smoke for two...
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    New Performer (Brick Red - cuz I like it)

    Heya, old TVWB addict here (poster/lurker), but new Performer owner. Have my WSM like I like it. Any suggestions for mods on a Performer? BTW, have already installed Craycort CI grates and griddle inserts (no thanks to the BBQ Pit Boys).
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    Brining Bucket

    Looking for a food grade 7 gallon plastic bucket for brining that big hunk of meat? Check the bakery at you local supermarket. We picked up three this year (complete with resealable lids) at the local Walmart Superstore -- $FREE. The supermarket bakeries get their cake frosting in them...
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    Steaming with the WSM?

    Has anyone ever done this? If so, what works? From the WSM Manual ---
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    Smoking at work (in and around Atlanta)...

    I was asked to smoke some chickens for a retirement celebration here at work. When I asked what they were wanting, I was given the URL for the Cajun Meat Company in Marietta, GA. While the site is quite sparse in just what they have and what to do with their product, I think you will get the...
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    Food Network spells it out....

    Finally, the Food Network defines 'Cue'n. Some good stuff and nice recipes.
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    Mods on the way....

    So I missed out on the 18" Platinum. Ordered an 18" OTG from Amazon (yet to ship) and a Pitminder w/4cfm from BBQGuru (due for delivery today). And, have been playing in Visio... . Hey, I'm a wood worker, not a metal smith. Plan to use redwood or cedar...I think. Better pics and...