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  1. Mike Shook

    KCBS mandatory refresher training

    Has anyone else completed the KCBS 2022 mandatory judges' training / continuing ed series? Not to be too hard on them, but I saw absolutely nothing new there* that would address whatever problem they are trying to solve. It almost seemed they are playing defense or something, meaning...
  2. Mike Shook

    Weber Apocalypse

    After years of fun, I noticed when I cleaned out my Weber 22.5 that I have developed three pencil-eraser sized holes in the bottom. Doesn't look rusty so I am doubting it was a water issue, just age. Hell, I know a lot of guys whose bottoms don't work as well after a certain age. Anyway, I am...
  3. Mike Shook

    Tri-tip: This had better be good

    I have friends coming in later in the summer and they have requested tri-tip. Here in Virginia, it is not a common cut to get your hands on. But I told them I would see what I could do. They love my pork and my brisket, and I love a challenge. So I set about trying to find a tri-tip to...
  4. Mike Shook

    Cornish Game Hens - for next weekend's smokefest

    Next weekend I am throwing four rock cornish game hens on the WSM, and I had hoped to adapt Chris's Hot & Fast Chicken recipe for the purpose. But I am frankly scared of that higher temp / fast cook time..... if a full chicken takes 30 minutes / flip / 15-30 minutes, these little babies would...
  5. Mike Shook

    new WSM grates - question

    I bit the bullet and bought replacement Weber upper and lower cooking grates for the WSM 22. They are bright and shiny and just screaming for meat to make them happy! And I was planning to do a 4 butt smoke on Wednesday when a thought hit me..... Other than wipe off the dust from the shipping...
  6. Mike Shook

    electric smoker recommendation

    I am now and always plan to be a charcoal/wood guy. If my WSM 22 won't handle it I'll find a friend with a catering rig and bribe him with good liquor and a cut of the meat. But a coworker wants to buy her hubby a good basic electric smoker for family / small gatherings and has asked me for a...
  7. Mike Shook

    smoking maple syrup?

    i have been asked if I could figure out how to infuse maple syrup with an authentic smoky flavor. Assuming it's possible and effective, the mechanics seem easy enough if I just put the syrup in a relatively shallow wide bowl next time I throw meat on the WSM. But I am in the dark as to how...
  8. Mike Shook

    hot and fast chicken

    Truly the best recipe ever. All hail Saint Allingham!
  9. Mike Shook

    Butt rub question

    I have over the years come up with a rub for pork I am very happy with. It includes a measured combo of two retail spice mixes to which I add turbinado sugar and paprika. This has kept me and my family happy with my Q for a long time. I have old friends moving back to town and since we can't...
  10. Mike Shook

    Pork butt overload on WSM

    Church group wants PP BBQ. I am breaking one of my rules today out of necessity (i.e., I should have started days ago) and dropped 6 small butts on the WSM 22 before dawn, total raw weight 43#. They just fit without touching each other or the edges. I usually run the full cook on the WSM for...
  11. Mike Shook

    Just got my CBJ

    My wife gave me a CBJ class for my birthday. (Yes, there is a C in there, keep it clean.) Really enjoyed the class and meeting Don Harwell from KCBS. I figure becoming a judge can help me improve my own backyard grub, even if competition Q is in some ways different. I was quite pleased with...
  12. Mike Shook

    Dry brisket whining

    I got trouble (right here in River City). Put a trimmed Costco brisket flat about 8 pounds on at 6:45 this morning. Everything went as normal, but I knew something was wrong when I checked the meat temp at 12:30 and it was already 195 - 200 degrees internal temp. Pulled it, foiled it, rested...
  13. Mike Shook

    Help with chicken

    I am smoking two pork butts tomorrow on my Weber 22, and my wife says Honey (because when she wants something she calls me honey) how much trouble would it be to throw a whole chicken on there for dinner? So tonight I am brining a 6.22 pound bird and will rinse it and dry it and apply rub...
  14. Mike Shook

    wild boar?

    A hunter friend delivered a wild boar shoulder to me yesterday. I am going to smoke it up. Is there anything I should be aware of or handle differently than domestic pork shoulder?