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    Lid holder for the classic 18

    I love my classic 18 kettle, I use it more than any other grill I have. But one thing I hate about it is the lid, I don’t like hanging it by that hook. Is there a lid holder available like on my 26? Ir maybe a hinge?
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    Old silver A

    This looks pretty clean and close to me Vintage Weber Genesis Silver A Natural Gas Grill
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    How old is this ?

    Is this worth getting? I need a NG bbq Check out this item on OfferUp.
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    New Weber grills

    Ok after some brief reading and posting here I come to the consensus that the only decent Weber grills are the vintage genesis that are pretty much project grills. So looking on the Weber site they offer 3 levels of gas grills , the spirit which seems to be the lowest quality line (...
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    Weber spirit 2

    Need a small natural gas grill, if I can get this for $200 is it a good deal? Check out this item on OfferUp.
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    Buying a natural gas grill

    Hi all, I just tore out my built in island and need something to use for a while. I don’t know anything about Weber gas grills and have a gas line to hook onto. Just started scanning CL and saw this, are these any good? Are there certain ones to stay away from and is this a good price? What is...
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    Weber GA kabob attachment

    Anyone see a kabob attachment avail for the GA?
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    Help!! I just gave away my 26!!!!

    I may actually cry LOL , I have so many grills and smokers I rarely use the 26 anymore. With just me the wife and daughter in the house now I can cook all we need on my trusty 18”, my son in another state has a growing family and lots of friends that come over. So on the 23rd I’m loading it up...
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    1993 Weber GA

    Found this on offer up, guy listed it for $20 but when I got there he tried to give it to me for $15 😂. I insisted he take the $20, it appears to be made in 1993 with the P on the vent and has never been used. Love the wood handles!
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    Weber premium lid holder.

    I’ve been looking for a used 22”, I’ve noticed some that are listed as premium have lid holders and some don’t. When did they stop putting the lid holder on the premium?
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    14.5 rib rack issue

    After a lot of reading I bought 2 brinkman rib racks for my new 14, I read they fit perfectly. The lower one fits down in there nicely, but the top one doesn’t allow the lid to sit flush without holding it down. Anyone else have this issue? It seems the last rack on each end barely hits the...
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    New 14.5

    Picked up a new 14.5” on eBay for a good price , it was a Coca Cola makeup of some sort. After heavily modifying my 22, I decided this doesn’t really need much. So all I did to this little guy was double up the charcoal grate and wire the ring to it, and make an adapter for my bellows fan. I...
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    Rib hanger for a 14.5?

    Does anyone make one for hanging half racks?
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    Smaller charcoal rings

    Anyone ever play around with using say a charcoal ring for a 18” in a 22” WSM? I have been thinking of making some smaller rings for my 22” to be used for shorter cooks, I think it works better when it’s all held tight together. Was also thinking of just using a charcoal chimney
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    Looking for a 18” body, OC/LA area in California
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    New wood handles

    Put the finishing touches on my WSM 22 with these custom zebra wood handles from Rivercity woodworks. Look them up on Facebook if interested
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    Smoked butterball

    Found this “whole breast” butterball at Walmart, it’s basically a Turkey with the leg quarters and wings removed. I removed the backbone and spatchcocked it with some SPG seasoning, smoked it on my WSM with half of a peach log and jealous devil lump. Im having some seriously good Turkey...
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    Second air damper

    Anyone ever put a second air vent damper on their kettles? On my 26 it seems like it needs more air flow when cooking higher heat items like chicken, when the lid is put on it seems to greatly lower the temperature
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    Mods complete!

    Ok... after 2 weeks of ordering parts and working on this in my spare time I’m done! Picked this 22” off if Craigslist for $125, figured I would mod it up with the money I saved. Did the hinge, temp gauge, Cajun bandit door and ATC mount, body clamps, handles, wheels, probe port , expanded...
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    Heat shield?

    What is the purpose of the aluminum disk under the WSM? Is it just a heat shield? How many just remove it?