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  1. J Hasselberger

    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    For a Mother's Day treat, I picked up a Prime 3-pound, 3-inch bone-in Cowboy Ribeye. I've always use a kettle to reverse sear thick ribeyes, with a couple of baskets on one side, using the cool side to bring the meat up to about 110 internal, then searing it on the hot side. This time, I used...
  2. J Hasselberger

    Wagyu brisket point in WSM

    I came into possession of a Wagyu brisket point from a local rancher. I plan to cook it on Thursday in an 18-1/2" WSM. As you can see from the photos, it's pretty thin on one end (about 3/4") and medium thick on the other (about 3"). It weighs 4.3 pounds. I've done some research and it appears...
  3. J Hasselberger

    Brisket and Butt: What's on top?

    This year, our Memorial Day Smokefest will be a brisket and a butt. I'll be doing them in an 18" and can't remember if the brisket or the butt should go on the top rack. I'll probably wrap the butt in foil at some point later in the cook, and may or may not wrap the brisket in butcher paper -...
  4. J Hasselberger

    Amigo, It's Cold Outside

    It was 7° this morning in Texas Hill Country. It snowed about 5 inches overnight. There might be one snow plow within 5o miles of here. The Hays County Sheriffs Department issued a blunt post: "Before you call us, understand that we can't get to you. Nearly all the roads are impassable." Texas...
  5. J Hasselberger

    Sugarless Pork Rub

    I did a pork butt (8 lbs., bone-in) for a Super Bowl party. The host is doing the keto thing, which means "no sugar." So I decided to wing it on a sugarless rub. It was awesome. Didn't miss the sugar at all and in fact, the other flavors seemed to be brighter without it. The recipe below was...
  6. J Hasselberger

    Kettle as an oven?

    Any tips for using a kettle as an oven? Our oven is down for a week waiting for a part. I've roasted turkeys and chickens on a kettle, but never things like casseroles or vegetables. I use charcoal baskets on either side and it seems to work for birds. I can usually hold a temp in the 300-400...
  7. J Hasselberger

    Store-Brined Turkey?

    I want to do a smaller turkey for the family on Christmas. The only ones I could find at the super were 14 pounds and up ... except for this 11.4-pounder. It's the first time I've ever seen a store-brined supermarket turkey. It says it contains water and kosher salt, so I'm figuring it's just a...
  8. J Hasselberger

    Fresh, unbrined turkey prep questions

    This year I'm trying a fresh unbrined turkey (10 lbs.). In the past I have only been able to source "enhanced" turkeys. I've always wet brined the enhanced birds with an apple juice solution, typically going lighter on the salt than recommended. The results have been very good. I'm hoping to...
  9. J Hasselberger

    Where to get an 18.5" lower section (bowl)

    Just noticed that rust is beginning to attack the lower bowl of my 18.5". Anyone know where to source one? Thanks. - Jeff
  10. J Hasselberger

    Lockdown barbecue plans

    The hunkering down has brought meal planning to a new level. It's just the two of us, but the temptation to barbecue enough meat to get us through until May was too much to resist. I got a 13-pound packer (last one at the store), an 8-pound butt and a 4-pound corned beef (for pastrami). So far...
  11. J Hasselberger

    Post-Cook Rub

    Does anyone use rub after the cook and before serving? I saw a cook at a local competition dust some rub on his ribs before presentation and asked why. He said it added a little extra flavor for the judges' first bite. Made some sense, so I have been trying it. The key seems to be to apply it...
  12. J Hasselberger

    How many kinds of sear?

    Every so often, I like a "Pittsburgh" sear, where the surface of the steak is mostly black. The really burnt and crunchy exterior mixes nicely with a rare center. Mostly, I like a reddish brown crust like these ribeyes here. The crust has a distinct wood-grilled taste, but it doesn't overwhelm...
  13. J Hasselberger

    Rubs 'n' Sh*t

    I have mostly adhered to the dogma that rubs are to be put on meat before cooking, but recently have thrown caution to the wind and put rub to other uses. In the past couple of weeks I've tried: Rub 'n' Onion Dip A packet of dry onion soup mix and a couple of cups of sour cream makes a decent...
  14. J Hasselberger

    Preorders from Franklin Barbecue

    With ten friends and neighbors we hosted a "FranklinFest" at our place last evening. We used the Franklin "Preorder" system and it works like buttah. We ordered a whole brisket, a whole turkey breast and a whole rack of pork ribs. It was well worth the effort. If you live within a few hours of...
  15. J Hasselberger

    Aaron Franklin Master Class

    I got an email this morning from Franklin Barbecue. it included the link below. Aaron has produced an online master class series. A logical step. Jeff
  16. J Hasselberger

    Good link on cooking techniques and temperature

    Thermoworks has a good blog entry on cooking and internal temperatures. Also a lot of good tips on how to get the best result. Jeff
  17. J Hasselberger

    Slim Brisket

    Apart from being a great stage name, I have a Slim Brisket question. I bought a 9 lb. brisket the other day, and when I took it out of the cryovac, I noticed it was much flatter than other 9-pounders I've cooked. The attached photo doesn't show how thick it is, but you can see how wide it is...
  18. J Hasselberger

    Who likes small butts?

    A neighbor just dropped off a 3-lb 14-oz pork butt that we plan to smoke and share over the weekend. I usually smoke 6 to 8-pounders, so I'm scratching my beard about what to do with this one. It's still frozen in cryovac, so I can't see it all, but it appears to be well trimmed and bone in...
  19. J Hasselberger

    Texas EggFest

    A Green Egg-owning friend invited us to EggFest, which is a big meetup and competition for the BGE cult. It was held at Camp Ben McCullough, which is a shaded venue just across the road from the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. It felt a little like cheating on my WSM, but we were curious. For...
  20. J Hasselberger

    Blue Apron -- Cooking Fresh for Two

    If you like good food and enjoy variety and new tastes, you either eat out a lot or spend a great deal of time with cook books. The lovely Janis and I are about a year in to Blue Apron, a menu delivery service. They deliver 3 meals for two to your door every Monday (entree only, no appy or...