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    Be careful out there people....

    I mean, it's all good after that initial burst of flames, right?
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    Trying the E6 this year

    It could be true, not adding enough charcoal
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    Trying the E6 this year

    I use the creole rub posted here and Pam. I should give butter/bacon fat a go. I have a jar full of the latter!
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    Trying the E6 this year

    Doing nothing else new other than a lower temp since I've had trouble getting a nice golden brown skin. I may crank up the heat as it's finishing to see if that'll crisp the skin. Anyway, the E6 is holding a temp nicely. I still have my bullet and it still has its purpose, but I'm still...
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    Colder weather brings chili

    How long did this take to cook?
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    Low 'n Slow Prime Brisket

    Thanks. This was Killer Hogs Brisket Seasoning and it's mostly S&P. I believe it also has some garlic powder in it.
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    Low 'n Slow Prime Brisket

    I've done a few flats, but this time I did a whole one. Was a huge hit. The trimming instructions here were very helpful and, although I had my doubts trimming it myself, there wasn't any huge chunks of inedible fat when it was finished. 12 hours on at 250-270, wrapped when it stalled at 165...
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    First run with HM

    Finally decided to get one after iGrill taking years off my life with its failures. I'm really pleased with it. There was a slight learning curve, some forum searching for answers, but it wasn't difficult at all to setup. Had some issues with the servo which turned out to be a bad punchdown...
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    Went breast down in a poultry rack. About 4 hours at 350 deg, it turned out well. This is my third bird and I had a problem with the skin shrinking and splitting before. Wasn't the case this time - it split on the back. Breast meat and skin was juicy; skin didn't turn out soggy. I never...
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    I'm smoking a brined bird tomorrow. Was talking to my best friend last night and he told me his dad bakes a brined bird, but he puts the bird in a rack breast-down and the flow of drippage keeps the breast skin moist. Any thoughts to this? Either way, I'm thinking about trying it and will...
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    First turkey - have questions (brine, inject, or both?)

    Brine and rub, skip injection. I've done this only a few times, but I'll swear by it and I'm a fan of Tony's injections. You can't go wrong that way, but I'll also encourage you to experiment.
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    I don't believe online defrost times

    Logged in to connect a few dots smoking my first turkey and found this post. Couldn't resist sharing: a lady I work with told her husband to put a bird in the fridge to thaw while she did a triple call shift at the hospital (staying at the hospital). Well, he "never got around to it" and...
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    iGrill2 connection issues

    Thanks for your insight! I'm presently have my hobby budget pointed at expanding my kegerator, but I may go the Heater Meter route.
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    iGrill2 connection issues

    Anyone have such problems? Any advice on solving it? After about an hour of smoking it disconnects from my iPhone/iPad and I have to restart the thermometer. Bluetooth range is about 30 feet line of sight - not 300. Weber has told me and other people to take the batteries out and put them...
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    Hello from Florida

    I'm loving this site. I was looking to move beyond smoking on my 22" kettle and getting something built better for smoking. This site has been really helpful. Thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to learning more here.