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    HeaterMeter v4.0 for RaspberyPi / Standalone

    Good afternoon! Awesome little project you guys have going on here. I have been using a HM/rPi combo for a few months now without any problems. About halfway through my cook yesterday, I began running into some issues with it. The unit's functionality would not return without running in...
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    Switching between standalone and rPi.

    Thanks for the reply guys and I they've answered my questions. I definitely wanted to get a rPi from the start so I can avoid the additional cost of a flasher. Hopefully I'll be reporting in about my sucess next week!
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    Switching between standalone and rPi.

    I've been on the site lurking for a couple of days now and I'm about to order components to build rPi version. I love the relative low cost of this unit and customizability. Since I do a bit of camping during the summer, I want this to also function as a standalone meter for lower power...