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    Lost access to AVR after firmware update

    I've to a Pi Model B with a V4.2.4 hardware. I updated the software and that went well, I then updated the firmware and while it says it completed successfully, the web service now says there is a communication error with the AVR. I tried a couple times and no difference. I tried downgrading...
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    open lid triggering constantly

    All, I've an odd problem. The open lid keeps getting triggered, like constantly. there is no fluctuation in the temperature, as it hasn't even gotten up to temp yet. It may never get there with the lid triggering and stopping the fan. I've tried different % settings, from 100% to 0%. Is...
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    How to change the pit probe to be non probe -?

    My thermocouple died, this is three of three I bought at the same time. Mine, my brothers and friends. They have all died. So I would like to use probe 2 instead of probe 0. I changed it in the configuration page, set it to internal, the same as probe 2 currently configured. However, it...
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    HM 4.3 up button not working

    Any ideas on how to figure out what is wrong? I've ohmed out the button board and the buttons report correct values. In the past if there was a problem one of the button resistors was borked, but all three appear correct. What tolerance is acceptable? Maybe my top resistor is a bit out of...
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    Hm 4.3

    All, Looking for recommendations on a Rpi A+ or B+ or Zero for a couple new 4.3 builds. Having never built a 4.3 I'm open to pros/cons. Is one easier to build with? These will be dedicated to the HM. thanks david
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    Does wired port only DHCP on initial boot?

    I configured a HM for my brother and had it hooked to my wifi to get the servo configured. When he plugs it into his network (wired) it didn't DHCP to give him a chance to configure for his WIFI. Is this expected? Does it only DHCP if a wifi isn't setup? thanks, david
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    Fan set to on at max only, but still running at 30%

    Hmm, I used to know how to use this thing, but can't figure it out anymore. I have the fan set to on at max only, max 35%, max startup 35%, pulse mode I don't have servo set to either invert or full open/closed. I thought this is how you were supposed to set it up so that the fan only ran at...
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    Setup HM if RPi wired ethernet port is not working?

    I've a RPi whose wire ethernet port is not working. Is there a way for me to get my wifi setup without it? Typically I just plug it into the network, it gets an IP and I go from there. I do have another RPi I can use to get it setup, but was wondering if it could be done another way. thanks david
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    Solder reflow oven controller

    Yes, I know. . . . but has anyone used the alarms to created a reflow profile, then used the HM driving a SSR to run the toaster oven? I was thinking that the Heatermeter Control -RampDown script could be hacked to simulate a reflow curve, though we would need to put in some time delays. Just...
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    Looking for original fan

    Thought I'd ask here if someone has one they want to get rid of before I order a new one. I bought two of the smaller ones, but the damper I printed for my brothers BGE needs the original sized one. thanks david
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    Fan set to "on at max only"

    But even after it has reach pit temp the fan still acts as if on at max only isn't set. Ideas? This is my new 4.2 build using the network cable. I've also noticed that the web page hangs long enough that Chrome prompts me to stop. Never had that before either. david
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    Looking for someone with strong Mouser mojo

    I'm trying to find the two pin female connectors for my fans. They look like the two pin one on this adapter at amazon: Anyone know where I can find one? They say it is a CB-32D connector, but that didn't help me. david
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    Another successful HM build

    Got my kit from Bryan, couldn't see any reason to not go this way if you are going to build your own. Getting everything from him was way easier than trying to order all the parts and pay shipping. Especially since the 4-way switch is sold out. It may even be cheaper buying from him, I...
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    New fan in the kit

    Bryan, Is the new fan you sell in the kits the same one that works with Tom's updated blower? Looks like I need to make 3-4 more of them and will probably just go with the kits. thanks david
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    Cannot connect to Asus RT-AC66U router

    I had to buy a new router cause my old Cicso E3000 died. However I cannot get my HM to connect to the new Asus router. Is anyone using this router successfully with a HM? My old, old, old LM connects to the wifi just fine, and it is running one of the smokers, but the new fan-dangled one...
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    Bonus! Outside temp

    When I built my HM I put in the wireless feature even though I don't have a working sensor. I've never even turned it on, but was playing with it the other day and forgot and left it on. When I smoked the turkey yesterday it was on and actually found a transmitter. So apparently I'm getting...
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    Fan doesn't run fully anymore

    I have my HM set to run the fan, on at max only. The system is calling for max 100%, but the fan only pulse on and off. I do have my max fan speed set to 50%, but setting it to 100% didn't make any difference. Is this "new"? The issue is that it will not get the smoker up to temp because...
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    Wireless LaCrosse sensor

    I have a LaCross temperature sensor that I used to for a little indoor weather display. It says on the back of the sensor, IT+915Mhz. Is this something that would be compatible with HM? I set my probe 3 to RF, I see under available RF12 transmitters Receiver Qual: -1. That is it. I'm...
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    How to reset the graph?

    I smoked some ribs and potatoes yesterday and didn't ever unplug the HM so it ran all night. Now this AM I'm putting on brisket and really don't want to see the results from yesterday which seem to be persistent through the reboot of the HM. How can I clear the graph and start clean this AM...
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    by Bryan a beer link?

    This is missing from the homepage. Yet another awesome smoke today thanks to the HM, servo, and fan. The turkey is awesome! We should have a link that just puts $1 into Bryan's paypal account. That way we can click the link after taking off the meat :) dave