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    Pork belly to pig candy

    My project didn’t turn out the way I expected. I was trying to make Harry Soo’s French inspired brisket style pork belly. Like most of the East Coast I worked around the rain, but I was able to get the belly on around noon. I temped and wrapped after about 6 hours, and an hour later it was...
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    SS Grate for 22" kettle

    Does SNS still make the grate that's completely open/detachable, or have they discontinued that for the flip-only model?
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    Who will admit to liking steak sauce?

    I eat steak so rarely it's not worth having even a $2 bottle of steak sauce in the house, but I've come around hard on steak sauce, ketchup, bbq dipping sauce being fine and even good. They're all serving the same purpose as soy sauce on rice, or worchestershire. They're adding acid and umami to...
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    What am I doing wrong - charcoal seems to smoulder out all the time?

    If I'm reading your concern right, I think the charcoal is burning properly. When charcoal is fully lit and burning properly, there's no flame and there should be very little smoke. The way charcoal's made cooks out all (or most of) the volatiles in wood, which leaves an energy dense and steady...
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    Any Tips for making Smash Burgers? Using Campchef SG30 Griddle on Genesis

    Good to know! I use 4 out of 5 grates flipped all the time. We do have the 17" blackstone griddle when it's just cooking for 2 but having the option is nice. Anyone have a press they like? The lodge press was square and $30, and I can't find anything round that doesn't also have a pattern on...
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    Any Tips for making Smash Burgers? Using Campchef SG30 Griddle on Genesis

    Whoa you've done smash burgers on grillgrates? I am extremely worried I'd smash it right through the holes.
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    Using zip loc bags with Foodsaver ?

    Yep, that's how my vacuum sealer works. I can seal bags that are smooth on both sides (re-sealing bacon for example) but I cannot vacuum them.
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    Any Tips for making Smash Burgers? Using Campchef SG30 Griddle on Genesis

    I prefer making two 2oz patties for my smashburgers. Maximizes surface area and obviously cooks extremely fast. There's no wrong size to make them though! It's nearly impossible to go too hot for smashburgers on a conventional grill, get that thing ripping hot. They stay juicy because you cook...
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    Do you mean stripping and restoring? Get the yellow can. If you're talking about cleaning after cooking, I'd avoid it. It's abrasive to the metal and it'll start stripping your seasoning. Stick to regular dish soap and a scrubber or one of...
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    What's cookin' for WSM Smoke Day 17?

    Pork belly is a great shout! I finally found a manageable piece under 9lb, maybe I'll get up the gumption to try it Harry Soo Brisket-Style
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    Hi-Temp Paint on Grill Grates?

    A friend of mine did his first big cleanout of his gas grill earlier this spring, and noticed some rust on his grill grates. He told me his plan was to clean them and then use hi-temp paint on them so they wouldn't rust. I advised him to clean them and season them, and just treat them like any...
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    Vendors to buy wood chunks from?

    I have seen Smokinlicious recommended a few times. I believe you they're good, but boy that website is offensive to my delicate web2.0 sensibilities, by which I mean my eyeballs.
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    Vendors to buy wood chunks from?

    Yep! Those are the size of the crates I have now. I am trying to compare what I bought with what an order of 20lb of Fruita would be, since I bought two different woods and they'd be roughly the same price of doing a mixed box from Fruita. I was able to unearth a facebook post from 2017 where...
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    Vendors to buy wood chunks from?

    Looking to place a Fruita order for the first time. The local orchard where I bought my last lot of chunks sells by volume and Fruita sells by weight. Does anyone have a rough idea of how the Fruita would translate to volume (eg, the Weber bags of chunks they sell in the big boxers for $7 are...
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    Demise of the cheeseburger

    I prefer irony instead of mayo, though.
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    Your thoughts about using MSG?

    I used to not use MSG, but I've also used shiitake mushroom powder in soup recipes, so who's the hypocrite now? Friends brought us a seasoning rub with them back from New Orleans, and it's your usual salty lemon pepper affair, but I noticed the 3rd ingredient was MSG. It's delicious, and I...
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    Foiling the water pan

    It's to make cleaning up easier. I'd personally foil the top of the bowl even if you put water in it. As it evaporates, whatever's dripped down will stick to the foil and not the bowl. You'll still need to give the bowl a wipe down but it won't be a disaster. If you want to put water in it...
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    Brisket ready TOO early .... Help

    Good call on both not checking too often, and having a backup plan. Congratulations on the dilemma of having the food ready in record time.
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    Brisket ready TOO early .... Help

    If you have a good cooler and a good seal, it'll hold at a safe temperature for a LONG time. Food safety guidelines are below 140F for hot food. I'd check it in 2 hours, and if you're concerned keep an eye on it. Even my cheap $20 cooler keeps food too hot to handle without gloves for over 2...
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    Royal Oak Charcoal

    Is there anything like that for Royal Oak Ridge vs Classic? My SEO senses aren't finding it.