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    Damaged HeaterMeter Help - Which components are bad?

    Hi, I built a HM for a friend of mine and it was damage by "dropping it" or something. I am trying to figure out which components are problematic. Right now, everything works except for the LCD. I replaced the LCD with a new one and it still isn't working. The only new thing that seems to...
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    HM at MIM BBQ

    Just wanted to post a little success w/ the HM. I built it a while back and finally used it. We used it with a large backwoods comp hog cooker and the HM worked like a champ! Somehow we lucked out and ended 4th in Whole Hog too :) Huge thanks to Bryan for such a cool and fun project and...
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    BBQ Guru Fan Mounts

    I didn't know if anyone on the forum has used a HM with existing BBQ Guru fan mounts? The BBQ Guru Fans come with a round fitting that inserts into the draft door plates. I don't know if the round fittings are manufactured or can be purchased somewhere? I hope this description makes sense...
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    Access Point for use away from home

    I was reading through past posts and have run across a few posts that talk a little about the desire to use the HM in AP mode but didn't see any instruction on how that is done or how to add the DHCP server to HM. Can someone who has done this walk me through the process? Maybe the DHCP server...
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    ET-73 Food Probes - Amazon

    This seemed like a pretty good price on probes, so I thought I'd share. Amazon has these for $9.99.
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    Assembly Questions

    I'm most of the way through building my first HM4.0 and have a couple of questions. First, I was about to put together the button and button height, but the square cap that I ordered has a center piece inside of it that doesn't allow me to push it over the switch. Did I order the right thing...
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    rPi Wireless Setup Help

    Hi, I've been looking over the forum and the HM wiki and can't find what I need to setup the wireless networking w/ the rPi. I've seen a few posts where people have edited the /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless files but don't quite understand exactly what I need to do or what the...
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    OpenWrt Help

    I'm trying to load openwrt on my rPi but having difficulty. If I understand correctly, I take a blank sdisk card and copy the three openwrt files to it. Once I do that, boot up the rPi and I should be able to access the website at I plugged the HDMI cable to the rPi and I'm...
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    Larger Blower?

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a HM4 and had a question about the blower. I'm planning on using on a large backwoods smoker - approx 6'w x2.5'd x 3'h and am currently using an old bbq guru. It has a 25cfm fan. My question is will the one spec'd out be enough for such a big smoker? If I...