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  1. Jan M.

    St. Louis Cut Ribs

    Hi friends, Here is my entry. Some St. Louis cut ribs with a self-made magic dust and Coca Cola based glaze. The 3-2-1 ribs turned out super juicy and delicious. Despite the weather, 3 thunderstorms today and rain all day I had a lot of fun. I had some beer and tons of good heavy...
  2. Jan M.

    St. Louis Ribs from Germany

    Hi friends, This time I participate with 4 St. Louis Ribs from my favorite butcher. (Cherry wood chunks and I spray them now and then with 50/50 cherry juice/water) As in the past years I use to provide progress related pics. EDIT: I decided to share some pics here linked. On Imgur...
  3. Jan M.

    SmokeDay15 from Germany (Bavaria)

    Hi friends, I participate with a „Pulled Pork“ from a BostonButt cut this year. I started 5:30 in the morning with my 18.5” WSM. Here are my pics: I will update the gallery progress related over the whole time. [EDIT] Inc. a daily pickup! ;-) Have fun!
  4. Jan M.

    Where is the sections "Weber-Product-Catalogs"

    Hi, can anybody tell me where the Weber-Product-Catalogs section has been moved? Maybe I missed a info. I used the search function but I only find obsolete links. Thx PS: Sorry for the typo in the headline!
  5. Jan M.

    WSM Smoke Day Germany (Upper Franconia)

    Hi friends, I’m about to smoke some Ribs. Should have been St. Cut but ... Now it’s how it is. The Rub is a self made MagicDust and for the glace I’ll use a self made sauce called “6 Street Red’N wet” Temp constant as yet 234°F. Wood is Hickory (Weber chunks) Here you can find pics (progress...
  6. Jan M.

    Lady in red. 21 years old (refurbished)

    Hi, I was looking for a red Weber kettle since nearly 15 years to bring the good, old times back on my mind as I learned how to BBQ. My dad had one in the late 80s but it somehow got lost. :redmastertouch: 4 days ago I found one on eBay. Conditions were nearly ok. The kettle was uses as...
  7. Jan M.

    ETI SuperFast Thermapen

    Hi All, I have a Thermapen and it should measure the heat within 3sec. When I put the heat sensor e.g. in a brisket or pulled pork it needs much more than fu..... 3 sec. I did not clock the measurement time but it's round about 15-20 Sec. Do you have similar experiences or is something wrong...
  8. Jan M.

    First brisket

    Hi All, today is my first brisket day. The brisket is now on the smoker since 6:30 o'clock (German Time) I expect du to the weight a cooking time of 9-10h. Weight: 2,5kg -> 5.5 lb It's a nice piece of meat and I leave point and flat together. Rub is a self made Dalmatian Rub. I will share...
  9. Jan M.

    Pork Tenderloin Cajun Style with asparagus

    Hi All, here some pics of my cook today. Self made wedges, sauce and rub. The recipe for the tenderloin is out of a Weber book. Thanks for looking! Best Regards form Franconia Germany, Jan
  10. Jan M.

    Small Carolina Pulled Pork

    Hello together, Today it was time for a small Carolina Pulled Pork. Covered with Mustard and self made Magic Dust. Sauce is a self made honey-mustard sauce. Hear some pics form today! Best regards from Franconia Germany, Jan
  11. Jan M.

    Armadillo Eggs with adjustable "atomic" :-)

    Hi together, today it was time to make one of my favourites "Atomic Armadillo Eggs". My trick is to to put small pieces of jalapeños under the cheddar cheese so it is better possible to adjust the "atomic" for each part of the family. The ground meat is mixed with self-made Magic Dust Rub...
  12. Jan M.

    Weber Monster

    Hi, today I visited a trade show for whisky. There have been also other areas and also one for BBQ and I saw my next Weber! (The trade show is this weekend in Nueremberg Germany) --> let me bring your attention also to the T-shirt!! :-)
  13. Jan M.

    Chicken Quesadillas with Guacamole

    Hi everybody, today I tried a recipe from a Weber-Recipe-Book. -> Chicken Quesadillas with a Guacamole Dip My whole family was really excited about the great tasting meal ! Here some pics: 10 pics max - So I had to delete some nice ones Best Regards, Jan
  14. Jan M.

    No luck with the lid temperature gauge

    Hi to all, it seems that I am out of luck with the WSM lid temperature gauge. Within my first smoke the temperature gauge steamed up, so extremely that you were not able to read something on it. The second one died last smoke. It rained nearly all the day and while the WSM was cooling down...
  15. Jan M.

    Kansascity Style Ribs on WSM in franconia(Germany)

    Kansascity Style Ribs on WSM in Franconia (Germany) Hi, here some pics of my latest smoke (today). It rained all day but the WSM did his job very well! So here we go…. Selfmade Rub, BBQ-Sauce, Potatoes and of course home-brewed Beer (IPA) :-)
  16. Jan M.

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone, as shown in the title I am from Germany. At first I used the Weber 57 from my father which he bought in the US-barracks in Nuernberg 1984. After 20 years this Weber was stolen and I decided to buy me my own one. This was the beginning of my BBQ bond. I have a WSM 57 for a few...