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    Stuffed Boneless Chickens

    Deboned two chickens (by Jacques Pepin), filled with spinach, feta and mozzarella. I used a new stacker for this cooking
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    Sunday full day of joy :)
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    Juicy Lucy

    We love burgers like this :)
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    Favorite food in our part of the world.
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    Who knows me knows that I do not like Russia. Congratulations to the Croatian soccer team for the victory in the world soccer championship over the Russian team. I guessed it and that's why we cooked this Balkan national dish. Grounded lamb 2/3/ pork 1/3, flavored S & P, garlic, čubrica...
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    Homemade Fresh Chorizo, homemade bread and S&P mushrooms/onion/Pecorino Romano/Parsley
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    Canadian Bacon

    Bacon made easy from Bob Correll was an inspiration for me. It worked out very well.
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    Smoke Day in the Czech Republic

    Frankestein (or R2D2?) WSM in action. Sausages and bacon for 10 hours at 140 ° F ? No problem. I love it! For lunch made some Picanha I feel everyone who has lost their loved ones in the war...
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    Porky Sunday

    We had nice sunny weather here on Sunday, so I threw a pork shoulder cut into pieces on the grate, seasoned with a homemade spice mix smoked about three hours put meat (with sliced onion, garlic and added about 1/2 cup of broth) in a cast iron pot and finished in the oven pork patties...
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    Roti Toy

    I received this as a present from my son to my birthday so I will share my joy It worked well with the chicken thighs, boneless / skinless with dried herbs and also with turkey thighs boneless / skinless way to Yakitori My son knew exactly what would make me happy. Yes, I...
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    Pork Chops & Duck Breasts

    One chimney of briquettes and what everything you can cook :) Thanks for looking.
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    Skirt Steaks on the skewer

    Today's Skirt Steaks on the skewer. Good stuff.
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    Frankenstein WSM

    Perhaps someone will be interested in this setting. OTS 22 (unmodified) sits on WSM 18 sealed with stove door seal and foil. It worked 9.5 hours quite well. More grill space is better sometime. A little crazy but funny experiment. Have a nice weekend everyone.
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    Stuffed Turkey Breasts

    I don't know what to more write about. Simply - turkey breasts stuffed with minced pork :) Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice week.
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    Pork Steaks & Red Cabbage

    Yesterday I threw some pork steaks on my Performer and held at low temperatures for several hours meanwhile, I made bread and No.5 time to wrap the PS into the foil added cabbage according to Bob Correll things are coming to an end my plate Thanks for stopping by.
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    Roti Pork Loin

    Sunday lunch. Pork loin flavored with dried Provencal herbs, garlic, salt and EVOO. tied on the rotisserie with mac and cheese on the side Nice week to everyone!
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    Homemade Food Is The Best Food

    Pork, coleslaw, buns, and bread from my production. I love it ;)
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    Rotisserie Ducks

    It's a long time, I know ... I made some ducks on my new rotisserie, so I share with you. Flavored only with salt, pepper and caraway. 1.5 hours in aluminum foil and then two hours without aluminum foil. Orange, onion and garlic inside. It was over expectations. Thanks for looking.
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    Warm Up!

    The Brisket is ready for S / P application. Tomorrow morning to WSM. I also made some fresh Spanish chorizo to eat before the Brisket is finished. Happy SD 13 to everyone !!!
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    Great thanks to Bryan S. This is awesome recipe.