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  1. MKEvenson

    Using 2 LP regulators in line, good, bad, doesn't matter?

    I am new to LP grills. Recently purchased a Weber q 2200. I travel towing a Casita trailer with 2, 20# LP tanks. I cook most outside the trailer using a Camp Chef propane stove and the Weber q. Both propane cookers have regulators attached to them from the factory. My question is, will the...
  2. MKEvenson

    chicken leg rack

    Found another gizmo that seems to work for helping indirect cooking of bird legs. Bought a couple days ago but can't remember where? Seems the label said something about using for legs and chilies? Works well. Added a heat diffuser under the rack. Mark
  3. MKEvenson

    Indirect grate here

    I am new to the q. Wanted to try ribs with low / indirect heat. I found a device, rack, that seems to work pretty well. Stands 1.5in above Weber grate, 7in wide and 19.25in long. Made of ceramic, good for up tp 700F per Sur la table. PRICY at $39. Using low heat and water with foil under the...
  4. MKEvenson

    Back from Santa Rosa, Ca

    Greetings and salutations! Been a member for 16 yrs, just took a small vacation from the forum. Retired Nov '16, bought a 17' Casita, wife had her hip replaced and the house survived the fires. What could be better? Still have my UDS, Weber kettle, weber Smoky Joe ( modified for smoking) and a...
  5. MKEvenson

    Chuck steak on the Mini Tri

    The Mini triples as a Smokey Joe grill, and a UDS style cooker, ( of course a smoker too). Last night I cooked a 2 lb Boneless chuck roast. Simple fare with delicious outcome. Enjoy. Mark
  6. MKEvenson

    Beef ribs for Rosie, WOOF!

    Celebrating Sat and looking forward to Sundays tailgater at the As home. Rosie was sooo happy! " Just For Meeeeee" " Dad cooked em over there" " mom and dads plates" "YUMMMMM"
  7. MKEvenson

    Wooden handles from Brian, arrived today.

    I contacted Brian O'neal, one of our members and asked him to make a couple wooden handles for me. They arrived today! Stoked!!!!!! I love doing business with our members, what a treat! Mark
  8. MKEvenson

    Beef ribs on the 4th 2014

    Hope ya'll had a great 4th! Smoked beef ribs on the mini. Small rack, leaving town Sunday. Mark
  9. MKEvenson

    Spares on the new mini build

    !st cook on the mini. Used the standard supplies, kept it simple. Held 270F with barely an opening in the lower vent. Very happy with the mini. Thanks for all the published help here. see the all American 4th BBQ (only 1 week early): ribs, tater salad & sweet corn! Mark
  10. MKEvenson

    Mini with no heat deflector?

    Amoung other cookers, I also use a UDS. One of the benefits of this cooker is that the cooking grate is 18" from the coals and there is no heat deflector. The result is that the meat drippings fall to the hot coals and the result is a fine smell and I believe a nice addition to the flavor of the...
  11. MKEvenson

    wooden handle

    A few years back I bought a couple wooden handles for my webers from a guy on these forums. I need another. Anyone remember his name or does anyone currently make them? or have an extra! Mark
  12. MKEvenson

    Today's Ribs on 22 Weber kettle indirct

    Really nothing new but thought I would show my indiect cooked ribs.
  13. MKEvenson

    Been away a while, Re-intro

    It's been a year or two that I have been missing. I was active in BBQ comp for about 1 1/2 yrs, got out due to increasing costs. I have been making pizza at home on my 2 Stone pizza oven since Jan of last year and active on the forum. I currently own and use a 22" Weber kettle...
  14. MKEvenson

    Thawing a turkey, how long will it take?

    I usually buy fresh, but this time the supplier was out and I bought frozen. So how long will it take to thaw a 16lb bird in the fridge? Hope that you all had a great turkey day!!!! Mark
  15. MKEvenson

    apple brine vs honey brine

    Chris, your two brine recipes call for either 24 hrs brine time or 48 hrs brine time. Each also calls for different cook temps. Can you please discuss the reason for the differences? Mark
  16. MKEvenson

    San Jose, CA. Rib Burn 11/5

    There will be 11 teams competing in ribs/chicken & a few in tri-tip. Happening at Smokin' Pigs BBQ, 1144 N. 4th st. They don't have room for more teams, but there is also a benefit rib cook so there should be plenty O ribs to go around. Some of the top teams this year in the CBBQA will be there...
  17. MKEvenson

    Jack's Old South, Comp BBQ School

    Last weekend I attended Jack's Old South BBQ School in Unadilla Ga. This class is held at Myron Mixon's home and taught by Myron. The class is structured to give the students a hands on experience in prepping all 4 KCBS meats, as well as watching Myron prep a whole hog and pig shoulder for...
  18. MKEvenson

    how long to drop WSM temp 350-270

    In my next comp I am going to cook 2 meats, Mac will cook 2 also. I needed to know how long my 22.5 WSM would drop from 350 to 270 since I plan on using the 22.5 for both meats. I will cook my Butt at 350 then remove to hold. I then will cook birds at 270. I fired up the WSM with Lazzari...
  19. MKEvenson

    Unofficial 2011 Jack draw results

    *Please note these results have been received 2nd hand from various sources-we hope they are accurate however they cannot be official results until the Jack Daniels and KCBS have released their lists. The Draws TN- Swiggin Pig UT- R&R BBQ AR- Sweet Peppers PA- Chix Swine & Bovine IN- Squealer’s...
  20. MKEvenson

    Smoke on the Water, results.

    Last weekend we competed at ClearLake, Calif. My teammates were obligated by work so I went it alone. My darling wife did help with the set up take down and the boxes. Many of you know by reputation, Slap Your Daddy, Harry Soo. He took RGC with able help from Donna of Butcher's Daughter BBQ...