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  1. Jerome D.

    Chicken thighs on the 18 WSM

    Great stuff Ben...nice bite-through skin on that chicken!
  2. Jerome D.

    Memorial Day - Rack of Lamb

    That is some perfectly cooked rack of lamb right there! Thanks for posting the link to the butcher time I'm in northeastern MA, I'll need to stop by one of their locations.
  3. Jerome D.

    Feeling saucy!

    Looking good with those spares, Rich! I'm generally a no-sauce guy too, but sometimes it's good to change it up a bit.
  4. Jerome D.

    Carolina Gold Wings

    My kind of wings, Case! I really like Carolina gold sauce, so I would definitely do my share of damage on a plate of those.
  5. Jerome D.

    Wings over the Hillbilly Vortex

    Tasty looking wings, Chuck! Cool setup with the homemade Vortex.
  6. Jerome D.

    Berkshire Pork Spares for Smoke Day

    I hope everyone had (or is having) a great Smoke Day. As for myself, my family hosted our usual set of friends that have been attending Smoke Day for the past few years. For Smoke Day 13, we served Berkshire pork spareribs, pulled pork, and smoked beef plate ribs, as well as side dishes of...
  7. Jerome D.

    I've got some serious catching up to do...

    Fellow forum members, I hope everyone is doing well. I've been viewing the forum regularly but have been derelict in posting here over the past few months, as I've been posting most of my BBQ & grilling photos on my Instagram account (feel free to follow me @biggus_grillus). Anyway, here are...
  8. Jerome D.

    Fire Roasted Wings for friends 40th birthday

    Your buddy is lucky to have you as a friend, Chuck! Those wings look mighty tasty.
  9. Jerome D.

    2010 revisited... Beef Ribs

    Cool throwback photos, Jim! 2010 is before my time here at TVWBB, so thanks for sharing.
  10. Jerome D.

    Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Very cool way of preparing a classic! I like what I see.
  11. Jerome D.

    Beef back ribs and chuck short ribs

    All the ribs look like winners, Dustin! Lots o' good eating you've got there.
  12. Jerome D.

    Honey Cured Bacon

    This is my fourth time making homemade bacon, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. For this batch, I used the recipe from Michael Ruhlman's Charcuterie book for Maple Cured Bacon, and substituted honey in place of the maple syrup. Thanks for viewing, and have a great week everyone...
  13. Jerome D.

    Is it a meatloaf? Is it a Fattie? - 2nd cook on WSM 14"

    Well, Anne, whatever you choose to call it, one thing is for sure...I want a slice! The cutaway photo pretty much speaks for itself. Great stuff.
  14. Jerome D.

    BBQ Lasagna with home-made Lasagna Noodles

    Hmmm...I like BBQ and I like lasagna, so expressed as a mathematical formula, we have: BBQ + Lasagna = Pure Genius That lasagna must rule to high heaven with those homemade pasta sheets! Phenomenal cook, Chuck.
  15. Jerome D.

    Bacon 3 Ways for Dinner

    Seeing as I'm perfectly content to settle for "bacon one way", having it three ways is mindblowingly awesome. All 3 dishes look terrific. P.S. We New Englanders certainly do love our Market Basket boneless chicken thighs family pack. Amazing how many mouths can be fed for under $5.00!
  16. Jerome D.

    Pecan Smoked Duroc Spare Ribs

    A while back, I ordered 8 racks of spares from Creekstone Farms when their Duroc pork products were on sale. I took this rack out of the freezer and started thawing it a few days ago. I smoked these on the Performer and overall thought this was a pretty successful rib cook. Thanks for...
  17. Jerome D.

    Turkey on the WSM 14.5" smoker Guava smoked

    An excellent looking turkey indeed! It continues to amaze me how much meat can be fit into a 14.5.
  18. Jerome D.

    Again with the High Heat Ribs

    Great stuff as always, Jim. Your various high heat rib cooks have definitely made a believer out of me.
  19. Jerome D.

    Small Butt

    Very nice! I bet the bark-to-meat ratio on the smaller pork butt made for some good flavor.
  20. Jerome D.

    Keeping up with the Dahls

    Big time congratulations are in order for 36 years together - happy anniversary Russ and Deb! The rib roast looks outstanding and cooked to perfection. Love all the Christmas decor too!