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    Can't Connect to Heatermeter by Ethernet or Wifi

    Haven't touched my Heatermeter since 2018. Brought it out with the intention of doing a cook for turkey day. I have since moved to a new place and knew the wifi settings would be out of date. Unit turned on without any issues. It didn't hook up to wifi and I waited till an IP address appeared...
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    Fan on all the time

    Hey all. I finished my build earlier this summer and ran into this fan issue. I've just gotten some time to sit down and troubleshoot it. I verified that there was no shorts at the CAT5 jack between the pins. Using a post that someone else had with the same issue I also verified 12 VDC between...
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    New build not working

    Just finished all the soldering and I flashed the SD card with the required software. My first bootup gave me weird characters on the LCD screen. I resoldered some pins from the rPi connector to the Heatermeter board and now all i get is solid boxes on the first line of the LCD screen. I have...