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    Pork belly to pig candy

    My project didn’t turn out the way I expected. I was trying to make Harry Soo’s French inspired brisket style pork belly. Like most of the East Coast I worked around the rain, but I was able to get the belly on around noon. I temped and wrapped after about 6 hours, and an hour later it was...
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    Hi-Temp Paint on Grill Grates?

    A friend of mine did his first big cleanout of his gas grill earlier this spring, and noticed some rust on his grill grates. He told me his plan was to clean them and then use hi-temp paint on them so they wouldn't rust. I advised him to clean them and season them, and just treat them like any...
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    Slow and Sear - Uses Charcoal Not So Slow?

    I ended up getting a Weber Performer, and a slow and sear to go with it. While so far I've been extremely happy with how it puts out very even high heat for 2-zone cooking, I put the "Slow" portion to the test over a weekend with separate cooks of pork butt and racks of ribs. I'm certainly no...
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    Performer for $175? More experienced hands, is this a grill worth $150-175? I don't have a ton of space so the small collapsible table is a plus for me, and the lid cradle as well. Are there negatives to the performer series the kettles don't have? Bonus: if I buy it...
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    Can't Beat Free Don't know if there's anyone in my neck of the woods, but even if I was looking I'm sure I'd be shanghai'd for getting ANOTHER grill (please don't say anything to my family about the charcoal grill I'm bidding on).
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    Royal Oak Wood Chunks

    Does anyone have any experience using Royal Oak wood chunks? I'd still prefer to find a local source for wood chunks (harder than I thought), but the restaurant store near me has a case of six 5.5lb bags for under $30. I'm sure there's nothing terrible about them but it'd also be nice to get a...
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    New Owner, Old Smoker

    Hi folks, I've been dabbling in smoking food on my gas grill, but if everything goes as advertised tonight I will be the proud new owner of a basically pristine but old WSM 18.5", my first ever real smoker. The ad says used twice and the grates are still shiny in the pictures so I'm inclined to...