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    So... What's the latest "consensus" on grates/bars for a Genny B/C ?

    Howdy all, been away for a while. Life has been keeping me busy. Anywho, I'm needing to replace the grates on a couple of Genny's. Yeah, I know, RCPlanebuyer, but I don't know that the folks in question want to spend that much. So, trying to find out what the next best option is. Ideally...
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    Red Mist SSP for sale in Louisville, KY $200

    Last time I looked, it was in great shape. I just don't use it as my RKs and mini RK are my daily drivers. Pics and details to follow later today.
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    New 26in Kettle with a couple of slight blemishes. $200

    Brand new. Here's pics of the blemishes. I have it posted on FB and other places for $225. Asking $200 from grill fellas :-)
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    Well, I finally did it.

    After years of being a member here, mainly hanging out in the gasser section. And after acquiring a small herd of every size Kettle available, I have finally joined the WSM owner's club. I guess I now have another forum section to go back through and catch up on. ;);):D Oh, and I...
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    17 degrees and snow on the ground.. Time to cook some Picanha

    So I was sitting around waiting for the Pat's game to start and thought to myself "Dayum, it's freezing outside, but yeah, I need some Picanha. Pulled out a whole sirloin cap, trimmed and sliced it up, vac packed it and dropped it in a sous vide bath at 130 for 1.5 hours or so. During a...
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    Brand new Weber Ranch Kettle for sale in Louisville, KY

    Weber Ranch Kettle AND new 22" rotisserie for sale in Louisville, KY - $600 Decided that I really don't need three Ranch Kettles. At least, not right now anyways. So, this one is up for sale. It's brand new, never been cooked on. BUT, it does have a few minor blemishes. If my schedule...
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    Sous Vide Prime Ribs for Christmas Eve

    I usually smoke these at 225ish, but was trying them Sous Vide for the first time. The plan was for a 10.x and a 9.x lb on at 134 for 8 hours, to be followed by a short smoke and hot sear on a Weber Ranch Kettle. After posting about this elsewhere, someone else mentioned that they didn't...
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    Tank scale labels for Genny 1000-5000, Skylines, Spirit 500 - 700 and who knows what.

    ' Genuine OEM from Weber. They charge $5.00 plus shipping. I'm selling for $5 each or 5 for $20 shipped. Would have to double check, but I think I have about 18 of them on hand. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    NIB 26'er $175 - Louisville, KY

    SOLD - NIB 26'er $175 - Louisville, KY Picked it up at an auction. Has a couple of very minor flaws, which I've tried to accurately show in the photos. I have it listed on FB Marketplace and CL for $200. Will be posting to Offerup and the like as well. Discounting it to $175 for WKC, TVWBB...
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    Took the Anova and the Caliente out for a spin

    Had a nice, thick 2+ lb ribeye. Seasoned, bagged and dropped it in for a leisurely 5 hour bath at 129 degrees. Pulled it out then threw it onto one a 22 outfitted with the Caliente attachment. Seared for a few minutes on each side, just inches away from the coals. Phone was dead so I...
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    Hoping to start a "How to" kind of thread on surface rust removal and painting.

    Hoping to start a "How to" kind of thread on surface rust removal and painting. Personally, I don't know squat about this other than to coat with Ospho, Rust Encapsulator, or POR-15, which would take care of the rust itself, but wouldn't have a nice, appealing finish. It would be great if we...
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    Parting out a 2006/6 Genny Gold B

    Will probably get around to posting an inventory list. But, until I do, if you are looking for something, let me know. Do know that I have both a NG and a LP manifold (270 sweep) available. Dave
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    WTP: Old school knobs for a Genny 2000

    Was hoping that someone had some laying around. Thanks, Dave
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    Took my Caliente Argentine/Tuscan Style Grill Kit out for a spin today

    First saw this getup over at WKC and I was intrigued. One popped up on CL for a song, and like a fish, I instinctively jumped on it. It's been sitting in my garage since last fall just waiting for me to try it out. Had some nice thick filets to cook so today seemed like the right time This...
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    Pizza party on a rainy day.

    Ok, first, a little back story. As I said, I wanted to do this ever since I read MikeRocksTheRed 's thread. I have a KP and I got KPs for one of cousins and for one of my uncles. Anyways, it hadn't worked out to have it at my house, then, another cousin closed on his house and said that...
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    Weber Genesis II E-310 LP Black $349 at some Walmarts YMMV

    Click the link, enter zipcode and hit search to check your area.
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    in case you might have missed it, NIB, NOS Weber Grill covers for Genny 2000-5500s

    Am guessing that they would fit Genny 2-5's as well? Just an FYI, I'm not trying to push these. More of a "public service" kind of thing cause I know that a lot of you all out there have these grills and might be...
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    WTB: Rotisserie shaft w/handle

    For a Genny Silver/Gold C. Would also fit Genny's 1-5, 1000-5000 and probably even Spirit 300's. I have the mount and the motor, just looking for a spit (unless you are willing to sell the entire kit for a ridiculous price.)
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    BNIB Genesis 9840 vinyl covers

    Saw this over at WKC and figured that with all the restorations done by members here, someone might be interested. specifically designed to fit the Genesis(R) 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, & 5500 Series gas grills
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    Weber clearance at Target starting up again.

    here are links to the Brickseek page for some items. Click the item you want to check on, put zip code into the next page and see local inventory/pricing. Weber® Original Kettle™ 18 inch Charcoal Grill Weber® Original Kettle™ Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill- Black Weber Jumbo Joe® 18 inch...